Macau: Sopa De Fitas Ving Kei

It was 12 noon. We were very thirsty and hungry after the 12th attraction. Refering to our Macau note, we came to this Sopa De Fitas Ving Kei. Ving Kei had started more than 50 years ago selling all soya products. Soya Bean, Tau Fu Hua(Tou Fu Pudding), Tau Fu were the common soya products. Over years, Ving Kei had expanded their menu to please all the customers. But the smart me will always stick to the signature dishes.

A bowl of cold Tau Fu Hua was the right choice after the long walk. Evaporated milk was added to the Tau Fu Hua, something that I never thought of. And, it worked pretty well by adding extra fragrant and different sweetness to the Tau Fu Hua. We did order a hot version later, but it wasn’t that good. I had tried a better one in Ipoh. They did not add evaporated milk to the hot version, only the cold version had it. By the way, cold Tau Fu Fa(冷豆腐花) was at MOP$4.50, and slightly more expensive for hot Tau Fu Fa(热豆腐花)at MOP$5.

The noodles came shortly after I had finished my cold Tau Fu Hua. The noodles was ordinary, but the tau fu was great. It reminded me of the Lembing’s Tau Fu at Pahang, Malaysia. If you don’t want to order the tau fu noodles(豆腐面) at MOP$11 as me, you can just order the tau fu(豆腐) at MOP$10.

We didn’t order a lot of food because we knew that there was still a long list to go.

Sopa De Fitas Ving Kei 荣记豆腐面食
Rua Da Tercena 41 果栏街41号
Tel: (853) 28921152

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