NZ D11: Otago Peninsula, Dunedin and Omaru

Highlight of the day:
1. A drive to the wildlife capital, Otago Peninsula
2. A climb at the world's steepest residential street, Baldwin street
3. A visit to the mystical Moeraki Boulders
4. Best fish and chip at Lockies
5. Cheese sampling at White Stone, Omaru

Otago was not in our original planning, but since we managed to wake up early in the morning, we decided to drive there. After a scenic drive along the harbour side road stretching along the southern edge of the Otago, we reached Royal Albatross Centre at the tip of Otago Peninsula.

Waiwhakaheke Bay, home to the Northern Royal Albatross

The Northern Royal Albatross, the largest sea bird, is typically about 115 cm (45 in), weighs 6.2–8.2 kg (14–18 lb) and has a wingspan from 270–305 cm (110–120 in). (information from Wikipedia)

Rugged cliffs and coastline near Royal Albatross Centre.

We spotted this bird outside the centre, but we was not sure if it is Royal Albatross.

Well, we are coffee lovers. Even though we had breakfast before leaving the hotel, but everyday we will go for second breakfast or even third breakfast. This day, we stopped at the good oil, to get our coffee dose and some pastries.

The bad thing about over due post. I could not recall what is this pastry. But the picture was taken, because it was to die for.

After that, we stopped at Baldwin Street.

We had some fun posing at the world's steepest street residential street. Tourists can also purchase certificates at the souvenior shop, but we did not bother to do that.

Soon it was lunch time. We always wanted to try the best fish and chip, thus we visited Lockies at Hampden. The cat also agree that Lockies serves the best fish and chip. :)

We ordered Blue Cod. Oh gosh! It was the best fish and chip that we had so far, fresh blue cod in nice and crispy batter.

Next stop was Moeraki Boulders. Look at those unusually large and spherical boulders lying along a stretch of Koekohe Beach. How on earth did they get to the beach? We spent some time lazing around the beach, enjoying the breeze and view.

In fact the distance between Dunedin and Oamaru is not far, only about one hour plus drive time. But with all the stop points, we reached Oamaru at 5pm. A visit to Oamaru is not complete without White Stone Cheese, so we rushed there before it was closed.

They do have cheese platter where you can sample few award winning cheese. But then it was too close to dinner time, so we decided to skip it. We took away a piece of blue cheese, a box of walnut oat cracker and a piece of lemon cheesecake. Slurp!

Royal Albatross centre
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White Stone Cheese
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