Langkawi Islands Hopping and Oriental Village animals feeding

It was a free and easy 3D2N trip, so we did not cover many attractions in Langkawi. In fact we only had one full day. We covered island hopping tour and visited Oriental Village in a single day. Since we had two old folks and one baby with us, we chartered a boat and we were quoted a very reasonable price(RM220). The boat departed at 9am, stopped at Pulau Beras Basah, Pulau Dayang Bunting and Pulau Singa Besar, then returned to the same jetty before 1pm. On the return boat, baby Phin Zhe dozed off. When he got up, we went for a late lunch at Telaga Harbor Park. After that, we dropped by the nearby Oriental Village. The world famous sky bridge was closed and the cable car had a long queue(at least an hour), so we dropped it. We walked around Oriental Village and pick one decent cafe for afternoon tea.

Jetty for the island hopping tour

me and my cutie pie at Pulau Beras Basah
Phin Zhe exploring the beach while his mummy had to blow his float

sand play

swimming again at second stop, Pulau Dayang Bunting

dad and son

stopped at Pulau Singa Besar to watch eagle

eagle feeding

oriental village

elephant feeding

Langkawi Eats

When travelling with baby, I will lower my expectation. Most important is everyone has enjoyed themselves. But this round we still managed to try a few eateries that I have bookmarked, I will share what we have eaten and at the bottom of this post I will list down those that we did not have a chance to try. Perhaps for future, or perhaps you can try them for me. ;)

La Pari Pari's complementary breakfast

For the first morning, we had to leave early for island hopping tour, so they delivered breakfast in a basket to our room the night before. Only for the second morning, we had a chance to sit down, laid back and enjoyed the breakfast. There was a choice to top up for cooked breakfast, but since we were going for second breakfast, we opted not to. Everything on the plate was delicious, something worth mentioning were the homemade yogurt and kaya.

When we arrived Langkawi, after picking up our rented car and checking into La Pari Pari, everyone did not feel like going out again. Yes, the hotel is so warm, charming and inviting. Therefore, we decided to dine in their attached restaurant, fatCupid. After swimming, we browsed through the menu and pre-ordered two Asian dishes and two Western dishes for sharing. When we came back again, we did not have to wait long before the tasty dishes arrived. I love the fact that it was a casual dinner with family in a relaxing environment.
Nyonya Laksa 

Beef Rendang

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Beef Burger
The next day after island hopping, we went to USSR restaurant. It was a waterside restaurant located at Telaga Harbor Park which served Russian food. With the reviews I have read from internet and the recommendation from the waiter, we ordered four dishes for sharing. I love sharing food. In that case I can try more dishes. How about you?  It was our first time trying Russian cuisine, but we found that all the dishes we ordered were delicious, even the skeptical grandma could accept it. ;)

grandpa and grandma waiting for the dishes

interior setting

another side of the wall

fish in monastery

chicken kiew


beef dish? can't remember.
Since we had late lunch at 2pm+ and by dinner time we were at Tanjung Rhu, we decided to share two plate of fish and chip at the famed Scarborough Fish and Chips. It was actually a casual cafe by the beach. The fish and chips were perfectly done. To my surprise, it came with a separated big plate of salad. :)

Scarborough Fish and Chips

view from the beach

Phin Zhe talking to the fish!

nice view while having fish and chips

fish and chips(sorry, din't notice the focus was wrong)

On the last morning, we tried La Chocolatine. Although the price was not cheap(the total damage was about the same as other proper meals in Langkawi), but the pastries were of highest quality. No food photo was taken because it was not allowed. But if you go there, please remember to order their savory crepe. Bonjour!

 La Chocolatine
view website

view tripadvisor review

La Chocolatine
view tripadvisor review

Unkaizan Japanese Restaurant
view website
Remarks: Authentic Japanese restaurant in Langkawi. The reason we did not go because grandma don't really like Japanese food.

Shark Fin Restaurant 佬食旺肉骨茶
267, Langkawi Mall, Dindong, Pekan Kuah, 07000 Langkawi
04 - 9664632
Opens after 5pm
Remarks: Best Bah Ku Teh in town. I planned to go on first day, but we opted to eat in the hotel restaurant. Perhaps we will keep for next trip.

Langkawi La Pari Pari and ....chocolates

Last day of May 2013, Phin Zhe had his first flight experience at the age of 1.5 year old. We brought him to Langkawi for 2 nights with my parents.

Langkawi is a shopping haven for duty free goods. We could not resist the cheap chocolate and ended up spending over RM500 for chocolate only. This photo is a record for future reference. ;) Apart from the usual Quadratini Loacker's wafer, we also bought many Whittaker's(blocks, slabs and mini slabs), Haiwaiian Host(Dark chocolate covered macadamia nuts), chocolate blocks from different brands and not to forget the most expensive lindth dark truffles. The dark truffles are good!

We stayed in La Pari Pari, a small boutique hotel that tucked in a quiet lane off Pantai Tengah main road. It is a family business running by an energetic and friendly team since April 2013.  All the hotel buildings including the 12 cabins(hotel rooms) are carefully constructed to have minimal impact to the environment. I love the natural setting and also the way it blends comfortably into the surroundings.Thumbs up for being so environmental friendly.

Even I have seen the picture of the room earlier, but I am still delighted by the tastefully and elegantly decorated white themed room. The room is not only spotlessly clean and spacious, but great attentions are given to small details to make everything practical and functional. For example there is a small area outside the room with table and stools, I could still remember we had some cheap Langkawi alcohol after putting Phin Zhe to sleep. ;)

comfy king size bed

The bathroom is big and the toiletries are from Thann!

Phin Zhe enjoying himself!

The pool is strategically located next to the hotel restaurant, the fatCupid. Sometimes I will get down to the pool to play with Phin Zhe but most of the time I will leave him with his daddy or grandpa.

Phin Zhe and grandpa

When I was not in the pool, I would be enjoying a glass or a book in restaurant. ;)

I am glad that I found this little gem in Langkawi. It has made our stay unforgetable! If you are going to Langkawi, I would suggest that you check out their hotel. You will not be disappointed.

La Pari Pari
View hotel website

YTL Cameron Highlands Resort: Lunch and Dinner

Lunch @ Jim Thompson Tea Room

It was the same place where we had our afternoon tea. We opted to sit at the sofa area again because we could place Phin Zhe at the sofa. As for as I could remember, all the dishes were delicious, especially the lobster bisque and wahyu beef burger. Overall a very relaxing and satisfying meal.

 lobster bisque and prawn salad as starter
 wahyu beef burger
 can't remember this dish. lol.
 tiramisu and espresso
apple butterscotch crumble with vanilla ice cream 
Dinner @ Gonbei restaurant
For residents' package, you will be served a plate of mixed tepanyaki. Appetizers and desserts are buffet style. There was no other customers that night, not at all! So we basically had the whole restaurant to ourselves.

 semi alfresco
 happy boy
 daddy fed Phin Zhe while I went to get some appetizers
 sushi plate
 mixed teppanyaki turned out mediocre
 I "made" this triple chocolate indulgence for him. :p
Dinner @ The dining room

It was the best meal we had at Cameron Highlands Resort. Not only the food was awesome, we were so lucky that Phin Zhe fell asleep after the waiter served the first dish. We combined two of the dining chairs, covered him with jacket and he slept there throughout meal. So it was one of the rare occasion where we could slowly enjoyed a 3 course fine dinner. ;-)

 warm, soft and fluffy dinner buns
appetizer - forgot what is in the pie again. arrrh. 
 appetizer - dancing prawn
 main - wahyu beef cheeks and lamb rump
main - roast beef wellington
dessert - brownie and ice cream
Daddy requested to have an repeat order of tiramisu and espresso. Yes, he is a chocolate, coffee lovers.