East Msia: Back to nature

I went on a vacation for 10 days, escaping from all the skyscrapers, heavy traffic and routine lifestyle. Exploring Mulu and Bario is a remarkable trip to me as it gives me a chance not only to admire the beauty of nature, but also to experience a totally different lifestyle. Of these two places that I have visited, they only have very basic infrastructures and limited daily necessities. Unlike in city, everything is so handy for us and most of the time we take it for granted and are ungrateful. But viewing it at another angle, we(the city people) are paying the price for all the conveniences that we are getting...... pollutions, chemicals and so on. Sigh. I start to miss those places again....

Here are the useful links and I shall reveal more about my trip in my coming posts.

Mulu Park
Mulu Guide

Sg: Day4-2 Durian Puff

Durian puff is a common dessert in Singapore. I bought this box of 20 pieces durian puffs(sgd11) from Puteri Mas Suntec City Mall. The packaging doesn't look impressive at all. But once u open the box, you can smell the durian. The pastry is rather thin, but the D24 durian filling is very rich. Heavenly delicious! One box is definitely not enough for me.

the humble box

bite sized durian puffs

Puteri Mas Pte Ltd

475 Joo Chiat Road
6344 8629
10.30am to 6.30pm Tues to Fri
10.30am to 5pm Sat and Sun
Closed on Mondays

#01-187B Suntec City Mall
6235 8768
10am to 10pm

Sg: Day4-1Holland Village XO Fish Head Bee Hun 荷兰村XO鱼头米粉

I have long heard about Singapore XO Fish Head Bee Hun. So, I decided to give the original shop at Holland Village a try on my last night at Singapore.

Holland Village XO Fish Head Bihun

Click to enlarge the menu

San Lou Hor Fun

The rice noodles(Hor Fun) is mixed with fish meat and a lot of bean sprouts in dry gravy.
Very interesting dish as I never see this in other places.

The XO Fish Soup
Weird combination but taste good

Another must try dish - Prawn Paste Chicken 虾酱鸡

A shot at Esplanade

Can see the Singapore Flyer from esplande too

Holland Village XO Fish Head Bee Hun

Sg: Day3-2 Er Gu Tang Shui 二姑糖水

I was craving for something sweet after the Sze Chuan dinner. So, my friend suggested to try out the famous er gu tang shui(二姑糖水) located at China Town Hawkler Centre. I am surprised that this hawkler centre is quite big. However, I noticed that the hawkler centre can be divided into a few parts with the different color chairs. Look for blue chairs. Er gu tang shui is somewhere there.

You just can't miss the big sign board

Too bad that the black sesame paste and the peanut paste are sold out.
My red bean soup.

Passed by the another famous dessert shop 味香园 on my way home

A good walk at Singapore river before I called it a night

Sg: Day3-1 Hometown Restaurant故乡四川酒楼

China town in Singapore is a very happening place. There are shop houses on both sides of the roads, and in front of the shop houses are stalls again, selling all sort of things that you can name. I spent my time walking on the streets, browsing the shops, searching a gift for myself or someone....

Chinese likes red Lanterns as deco

My friend recommended this little restaurant. Need to have very sharp eyes to locate this restaurant as it is again, blocked by some food stalls in front of it. I also noticed that most of the customers are from china. Does that mean it sells original szechuan dishes? For that, I need to go to SzeChuan and verify it one day. :)

Salty groundnut and sour cucumber & carot as appetizer

Lower Left is Sauteed Diced Chicken with Dried Chilli(辣子鸡)
Upper Left is String Bean Western Style(干扁四季豆)
Right is Sauteed Pork Sliced In Pepper and Chili(回锅肉片)
SzeChuan dishes are mostly salty, oily and spicy. Sounds very negative? No, no, no.....just that they are stronger in taste....Give me a beer, please. ;)

Most of the SzeChuan dishes need it - dried chili

Hometown Restaurant 故乡川菜酒楼
No. 25 Smith Street, Singapore 058923
6372 1602

Sg: Day2-2 Lion City Frog Porridge狮城瓦煲活田鸡

After landed on Singapore again :), I went straight to this New Lai Lai(新来来) at Lor 9 Geylang for clayplot frog porridge. There are many stalls selling claypot frog in Geylang, but this is the good one. By the time the food is served, it is almost 9pm. Porridge is a good choice for late dinner or supper. It is definitely a comfort food when you are over hungry as it is gentle on the stomach.

frog legs in Chinese Kung Pao Sauce

Ginger, Spring Onion and Dried Chili.....the 3 important ingredients in making a good Kung Pao Sauce

Beef Kway Teow sitting opposite, but I can't take in anymore

Lion City Frog Porridge
235 Geylang Road (Lor 9)
5pm to 3.30am daily

Sg: Day2-1 DHL Balloon

This round, the hotel gave me a very good view room. I got a nice panoramic city view from my balcony. If the curtain is not closed, I can even lie on my bed and enjoy the view. Isn't that great?

I can even see Singapore Flyer from my room

and the DHL Balloon in sky

It is a bit tempting to watch the DHL Balloon going up and down endlessly everyday. So, I decided to give it a try. Furthermore, I only need to pay 50% of the regular price in sgd or the full price in RM. Can you believe it? Isnt that another great news? More about Malaysian gets half price

Flight Boarding pass at RM23/person

while waiting for my flight

a view from 150m high

DHL Balloon

Sg: Day1-4 Masala Crab

After spending the whole afternoon at the beach, my friend brought me to this Indian Restaurant, located comfortably in the East Cost Park for dinner. According to him, this is one of the very famous restaurant in Singapore, famous for seafood. Since I have tried Singapore Chili Crab and Black Pepper Crab before, so my friend suggested me to try the Crab in Indian ways of cooking. We ordered Masala Crab and Murgh Makhani(chicken in mild gravy). The chicken tastes quite good, but still lose to my Spice and Rice. Personal preference, prehaps. ;) But the crab is superb, fresh and juicy. Even tough the masala thick gravy is spicy and salty, but I can still taste the original sweetness of the flesh. Singapore crab never disappoint me so far.....it is always fresh and meaty.

Entrance to The Mango Tree

Dim light for good ambience, but not good for camera

Fresh Crabs in Masala way

The Mango Tree
B23, 1000 East Coast Parkway

Sg: Day1-3 East Coast Park

After visiting the 2 laksa stalls, I definitely need to take a walk. Of course the best place will be the nearby East Coast Park. East Coast Park is a perfect one stop for weekend family outing. Let's see what they have.

There is a fun fair corner

Captured this confident boy on his rollerblades

Twin seat bicycle for couples, father-son, mother-daughter

Camps everywhere, perhaps for evening naps?


Bicycles and RollerBlades for rent

Fast foods and restaurants when you are hungry

East Coast Park

Sg: Day1-2 Go East for Katong Laksa 加东叻沙

Singapore National Dish, Katong Laksa, a variant of Laksa Lemak is originated from an area called Katong. It is a bowl of rice noodles, fish cake, shrimps and cockles in thick coconut broth, garnished with finely shredded laksa leaves. The rice noodles and fish cake is cut into smaller pieces, so that the entire dish can be eaten with spoon alone. The most important step is to mix a spoon of homemade sambal chili paste with the laksa before you start eating.

There are 4 famous stalls(47, 49, 57, 328) or more in the same row. I have compared 49 and 328 on the same day. If I am not mistaken, 328 is the older laksa stall and 49 is quite new. However, both stalls is supported by their big group of laksa fan.

49 Katong Laksa Stall

Photos and Awards

A bowl of Katong Laksa is always complimented with otak and a glass of barley drink

After that, I moved to the opposite shop, 328.

Still photos everywhere

Same order, but the chili paste is served separately

If you were to ask which stall is better, I will go for 328. There might not be a big difference in the katong laksa, but I feel that 328's otak tastes better than 49's otak.

Little opinion, do not compare it with penang laksa or any other laksa, take it as a new dish. I am sure you will like it too. To me, it definitely worth travelling down for a bowl, or two.

Katong Laksa @ East Coast Road
MRT Station: Paya Lebar (Might need to take a bus fr MRT Station)
$$: sgd6/set consists of laksa, otak and barley drink

328 Katong Laksa
49 Katong Laksa

Sg: Day1-1 Maxwell Food Centre 麦士威美食中心

I was in Singapore for the past few days. Well, it is a short trip but good enough to refresh my memory. I was told that Singapore had been raining continuosly the few days before my arrival and it rained the day right after I left, but not even a drop during my visit. I am so lucky!

After checking in Swissohotel The Stamford, I started my day from Tanjung Pagar(丹戎巴葛).

After the white house and red dot traffic, I reached the famous Maxwell Food Centre(麦士威美食中心) in china town(牛车水).

Saw long queue at the Zhen Zhen Porridge which I once had my breakfast. In my humble opinion, the fish porridge is not very outstanding. But the porridge, selling at Sgd2.50 is value for money as the fish meat is in every bite. And one must not miss the yu shang(chinese shashimi fish slices) here. You don't normally see yu shang in malaysia hawkler food. Here are the fish porridge and yu shang photos, managed to find the 2 years old photos from my hard disk. :)

silky smooth fish porridge

yu shang topped generously with spring onion, fried onion and sesame

But this time I am going to try something new. This Hup Kee Ngor Hiang has won a lot of rewards and recommendations. In Singapore, the numbers of hanging newspaper, certificates and photos will tell you how famous a shop is.

A plate of pink sausage, liver roll and egg slice. Liver! I didn't know it is a liver roll until I visited their website when i am back in Malaysia. How can they make it? It doesn't taste like liver at all. I personally like the egg slice the most.

Bought a fresh sugar cane drink before I left the food centre

Must be a famous chinese temple in China town

Old building with tall new building at the back

Look at the size of writing brush

A hindu temple in chinatown

The famous Lim Chee Guan Bak Kwa Shop

When I reached People's Park(珍珠坊), I am a bit tired and decided to go for Katong Laksa.

Maxwell Food Centre @ Maxwell Road
MRT Station: Tanjung Pagar
Hup Kee Ngor Hiang
Zhen Zhen Porridge