HK: Sweet Indulgence

If you think that was all for the day, that you are wrong. We had another round of dessert at Tai Leung Pak Kee(大良八記) one hour later after Hui Lau Shan.

Tai Leung Pak Kee entrance

They had the simplest menu in Hong Kong. One page with pictures for illustration and the back page was the full menu.

The price was quite reasonable, cheapest at HK$12 and the most expensive was only HK$17. We visited this shop twice and below were the desserts that we had tried.

Red bean paste

Walnut paste

Black sesame paste

Stewed papaya with rock sugar

Tai Leung Pak Kee 大良八记
G/F 109 Tung Choi St Mong Kok 旺角通菜街109号地下
Tel: 25745128

G/F 492 Shang Hai St Mong Kok 旺角上海街492号地下
Tel: 23840618

G/F 424 Prince Edward Road West Kowloon 九龙城太子道西424号地下
Tel: 23839976

G/F 43 Parkes St Jordan 佐敦百加士街43号地下
Tel: 27308968

G/F 10A Humphreys Avenue Tsim Sha Tsui 尖沙咀勘富利士道10号A地下
Tel: 23666112

G/F 117 Thomson Rd Wan Chai 湾仔谭臣道117号地下
Tel: 25726734

G/F 15 Northan Point Rd 北角道15号地下
Tel: 28873363

G/F 116 Shau Kei Wan Road East 筲箕湾东大街116号地下
Tel: 25688206

HK: Mango Temptation @ Hui Lau Shan

Hui Lau Shan was not in my must-eat list. I know Hui Lau Shan was much raved about among tourists, but it actually didn't get very good respond from the locals. However when I passed by their n-th branch, I couldn't resist, but went in to give it a try.

Mango platter for those who like to sample a little bit of everything. :)

Check out for today promotion as they have different promotion everyday.

Mango sorbet topped with sweet and juicy fruits, sold at HK$40.

3 pieces of mango mochi was HK$15

Mango flesh inside the mango flavoured glutinous rice ball.

The dessert was tasty. Who could resist sweet dessert made from fresh fruits? The only complain would be the portion was too small.

P/S: There are many Hui Lau Shan branches in Hong Kong. It is almost impossible not running into one of it.

HK: Lok Yuen Beef Ball

Coming back from Lantau Island, I spotted this Lok Yuen after the exit from Mong Kok MTR station. Lazy to walk further, we decided to have our dinner here.

Did you watch Hong Kong movie, God of Cookery by Stephan Chow? If yes, then you would remember the "pissing beef ball" which can be used as ping pong ball. In reality, the beef balls from this shop would be the closest one to the "pissing beef ball". :p

the exterior

the making of beef balls

the interior

the kitchen


By default, I ordered their signature fish maw beef ball at HK$32(花胶牛肉丸). I also paid extra HK$12 for fish noodles(鱼面底). As the name implies, the fish noodles was noodles added with fish paste. I knew that it was going to be good as I had tried it before.

I also ordered an extra bowl of fish maw pork ball(花胶猪肉丸) at the same price. The beef balls and meat balls had fish maw cubes and flavourful juices. So, make sure that it only burst in your mouth. Dont' say I didn't warn you, ok? ;)

can you see?

perhaps this one can see clearer

Lok Yuen Beef Ball King 乐园牛丸王
G/F 150 Sai Yang Choi Street Mong Kok 旺角西洋菜南街150號地下
Tel: 23840496
P/S: Mong Kok MRT Station D2 exit

Mong Kok Map

HK: A day in Lantau Island

Many people including myself had always thought that Tai Yu Shan is a mountain as 'Shan' in Cantonese is referred to mountain. Actually, Tai Yu Shan aka Lantau island is hong kong biggest island, with famous attractions like Disneyland and Tian Tan Buddha. For this Lantau island trip, we followed the most popular route suggested by one of the hong kong blogger. The route was Tung Chung --> Ngo Ping 360 --> Tian Tan Buddha --> Tai O --> Tung Chung.

I had a lot of photos for this day, so will let the photos to do the speaking. We took MTR from Jordan to Tung Chung. Next to Tung Chung Station was this Citygate Outlets where you could buy a lot of off season branded products at great discounts! Will come back to this one later. Ngo Ping 360 cable car station was right here too!

We bought our one way cable car + one day bus pass package for HK$76(HK$98 for Sunday) at the small counter next to the escalator leading to the cable car station. This package was provided by third party, not Ngo Ping 360.

After the escalator,we still had to collect our cable car ticket at the counter. There were many packages available for selection.

Luckily the queue at the station was not long.

The first scene after the cable car took off.

Captured a return cable car.

Not long later, the cable car stopped at Ngo Ping Village.

Ngo Ping Village was very much built for tourists. There were souvenior shops and restaurants. To get to the Tian Tan Buddha, we had no choice but to pass through all the shophouses. Business Strategy.

I noted Honeymoon Dessert branch in Ngo Ping too.

We started with Po Lin Monastery(寶蓮禪寺). It was a sunny day, so you could see people carrying an umbrella.

Then, we visited the Wisdom Path. It was a very large wooden inscription of the Heart Sutra set within a figure 8 to symbolize infinity.

Before entering the Tian Tan Buddha, we pay HK$60 per person for the vegetarian meal. Vegetarian snack was also available at HK$23. Since it was almost lunch time, we decided to take the vegetarian meal. Without the meal/snack coupon, we could not enter the Buddhist relics exhibition hall.

The long staircase to the Tian Tan Buddha. I counted, it was less than 300 steps. But now I can't remember the figure. Maybe around 280 steps.

It was very hazy, this was the best shot I had.

The view at the top.

She took off her high heels.

We returned to Po Lin Monastery for vegetarian lunch. Outside the vegetarian restaurant, that was the place for the vegetarian snack. For each snack voucher, they were giving a plate of vegetarian fried bihun, 3 pieces of different vegetarian snacks and one bowl of tau fu fa. Looking at them made me feel more hungry. So, I entered the vegetarian restaurant.

One good thing was the restaurant was very spacious. We did not have to share tables with others. I even saw one person occupaying one whole table. Immediately after we sat down, the waiter brought us one bowl of soup. I was delighted with the hot soup as my stomach was already growling.

Four vegetarian dishes were served and they were all very delicious. The one covered with the colorful mixed bean was smooth tau fu, and the rest were fried spring roll, braised mushroom with vegetables and fried dried bean curd.

After the hearty lunch, we took bus from bus stand No 21 to Tai O.

There was a Tai O map. But even without a map, we were fine as Tai O was a very small fishing village.


The was a permanent exhibition showing some the fishing equipments ...

...and some old stuffs.

Then, we crossed the bridge to another part of the village.

There was several boat services providing boat ride and dolphin watching trip. Even though I did not believe we would be able to watch dolphin in a 20 minutes ride, but still we went for it. It was only HK$20, so why not?

The houses were partly built on the water.

As we went deeper to the sea, the wave were stronger. But still, there was no sign of dolphins. I was only able to watch dolphin after taking more than one hour of boat ride at Monterey Bay. So, I was not hoping for anything.

Getting down from the boat, we started our slow walk again. In front of this temple, I overheard the conversation between a local and an outsider. The outsider was saying that she has to leave before the glutinious snacks(茶果) were sold out. Oh! We better act fast too! ;)

Turning into Shek Tsai Po St(石仔埗街), we managed to find the little wooden house selling glutinious snack. There was no sign board, so not everyone will know it. I read it in a Hong Kong blog.

They were still using charchoal to make the glutinious snacks.

Uncle Choy(财叔) was selling glutinious snack to the customer.

The one with a lot of flour was Lor Mai Chi(糯米滋) and another one was cha gor(茶果). There were two type of fillings, sweet red bean or salty coconut flakes and peanut fillings. There were sold at HK$3.50 per piece. They were about a fist size and tasted warm and good. Come and grab some if you happen to be here.

After that, we took bus back to Tung Chung. The bus station was very near to the Citygates Outlets and Tung Chung MRT Station. We shopped for about 2 hours and left Tung Chung around 6pm.

Glutinious Snack Choy 茶果財
G/F 106 Shek Tsai Po St, Tai O 大澳石仔埗街106號地下