A weekend in Malacca

photos taken in Jonker Street

Last month I went to Malacca for a wedding dinner. In fact, I was excited about the trip. It had been few years since my last visit to Malacca. Furthermore, I was going to meet up with some of my university mates, some of them whom I did not meet since graduation. It was a short trip and most of the time was spent for wedding and reunion. Honest enough, there was nothing special to blog about. But I still wish to share with you some of the Malacca food and place especially the good Ayam Percik stall at a tucked-away location.

first reunion lunch

We started the long journey on Sat morning. After 4 hours of driving from Ipoh, we reached Malacca at 12 noon, just in time for lunch. The first meal was Boon Loong Char Siew rice at Jln Bunga Raya. Besides Char Siew, we also ordered bean curd, roasted pork and fish ball soup. The Char Siew was supposed to be good but turned out average. Have I gone to the wrong stall? I wondered.

inside Tan Kim Hock

After that, we walked to Tan Kim Hock(N02º11.940' E102º15.137') where I bought some cincalok, belacan and palm sugar. I was just about to order the durian cendol from the same shop and was told by my local friends that the cendol was no longer nice. Then, we decided to go for No1 Kopitiam Nyonya Cendol at Jonker Street.

Coca-cola collection in No1 Kopitiam Nyonya Cendol

It was not the first time I tried the cendol here, but it has never disappointed me so far. The auntie would place the cendol, red bean, coconut milk and shaved ice in the bowl. Generous drizzles of melted palm sugar syrup were then poured on top. Malacca palm sugar had a stronger fragrant needed to make a perfect bowl of cendol. With the hot weather outside, this was definitely the best dessert to have.

No1 Kopitiam Nyonya Cendol

Chicken rice balls and chicken

For the next day’s brunch, we went for Malacca famous specialty, the chicken rice ball at Chung Hua. The 3 famous restaurants for chicken rice balls, Zhong Hua, Hoe Kee and A’Famosa were all nearby. I have no idea which restaurant serves the best chicken rice ball as each of them has their own supporters.

The museum Cafe 88

Since we were in Jonker Street again, we went for another round of cendol. This time, we picked The Museum Café 88. Museum Café decorations were bound to make us feel like we were back in the olden days. It offered a more spacious environment and a varied menu of local favourites. I wanted something different, so I ordered durian cendol. The cendol there definitely looked bigger size and more attractive. But it was too sweet to my liking. Most of us agreed that No1 Kopitiam served better cendol.

Museum Cafe durian cendol

I checked with my local friend on Pak Hassan Ayam Percik which I had read from a magazine. The ayam percik stall was in Hutan Percha, half an hour from Malacca town. That friend of mine told me that he had tried it many years ago. I had to persuade him to bring me there. He agreed. Thanks YC! I will remember your hospitality.

From left: Tanjung Kling beach, Restaurant Barkat Roti John

Since it was still early, YC brought us to our favourite Restaurant Barkat Roti John at Tanjung Kling. This was a must-visit restaurant every time I was in Malacca. The restaurant only operates at night, so I could only capture a photo of it and mark down the GPS coordinates(N02º13.610' E102º 08.988'). I will definitely come back for the Roti John again.

Clockwise from top left: ayam percik selling at RM1.70, the wooden house, ayam percik on the grill, marinated ayam percik

Hutan Percha was located north of Malacca, 8km from Alor Gajah toll. As we drove passed some scenic oil palm estate on a single lane road, we spotted the signboard for the turning to Hutan Percha. It did not take us long to locate Pak Hassan Ayam Percik stall hidden in this small Malay village.

Pak Hassan stall was nothing much than a wooden hut. Although the stall only opens on Friday and Sunday from 3.30pm to 7.30pm, Pak Hassan could sell 600 chickens per day. The well marinated chicken which was secured firmly on the bamboo stick with wires was barbequed over charcoal fire. Before the chicken was fully cooked, it was dipped into the red and spicy coconut gravy. The chicken was then barbequed again until it was fully cooked.

From left: ayam percik & bishop's nose, chicken liver

Our orders arrived shortly. Mind you that was because we were there early. There were only 3 barbequed items, Ayam Percik(BBQ chicken), Hati(Liver) and Bishop’s nose(Buntot). It was a different version from the famous Kelantan Yati Ayam Percik(I’ll blog it if I go again). But I was pretty sure it was the best Ayam Percik in West Coast. Another credit went to their rose syrup, it was the best syrup that I had ever tried so far.

rose syrup

Direction to Pak Hassan Ayam Percik(N02º 26.860' E102º 17.830'):

turn right at this junction

then turn left

turn right again and you will smell the ayam percik

My Malacca trip ended perfectly with Pak Hassan Ayam Percik.

Updated 14/11/09:
The above gps coordinates point to the entrance of hutan perca. For Pak Hassan Ayam Percik, the gps coordinates are N2º 26.612' E102º 17.964'.

Hong Kong Souvenirs

This will be the last post of my Macau and Hong Kong trip. It took me 4 months to finish the posts. :p Let me share with you some of the souvenirs that I had brought back from Hong Kong. Do not ask for souvenirs as I had distributed/finished all of them.

We went to Duck Shing Ho(德成號) before our dinner at Tung Po.

Gift wrapping was free

There were 3 flavours for Egg Roll, Original, Butter and Coconut.


The egg rolls were still in good shape after the long journey. It was the best egg roll that I have ever tried.

Almond flake from Maxims(美心)

I do not like the chocolate flavour, the original and lemon flavours were okay.

Milk Tea(奶茶) and Yuan Yang(鸳鸯)

Milk tea powder

Have a cup of Dai Pai Tong(大排挡) milk tea.

Ho To Tai(好到底)

8-8 gift box(八八礼盒)

There were 8 types of noodles, each two rolls.

XO Sauce Seafood and Kobe Beef flavour Nissin Instant Noodles(出前一丁)

Walnut cookies(核桃酥) from Wing Wah(荣华饼家)

XO Sauce Pork Floss Egg Roll from Ajiichiban(优之良品)

Duck Shing Ho 德成號
G/F64 Java Road, North Point 北角渣華道64號地下
Tel: 2570 5529/2571 5049
P/S: Duck Shing Ho is Hong Kong famous Chinese New Year snack. Chances to buy egg roll during Nov to Feb are very low.

Ho To Dai 好到底
Wan Chai Rd Cathay 88 Shop No.8湾仔道125国泰88商场地下8号舖

Wing Wah 荣华饼家

Maxims 美心

Ajiichiban 优之良品