Macau Part I

boarder to/from ZhuHai

There were few money changers right outside the boarder gate(same row as Esprit Outlet) and this rate was captured when we were there. The most popular way was to exchange HKD or RMB to MOP.

We dragged our luggages into the two-storey Esprit outlet. The shopkeepers were kind enough to keep our luggage inside the cashier compound so that we could shop peacefully. In order not to disappoint them, we shopped for hours and left the shop with many Esprit products.

We had spent too long in Esprit shop until we were almost late for the pre-booked dinner. We split into two groups, one taxi with all the luggage to the accommodation near Ruins of St. Paul’s first while another taxi straight to the dinner place at Taipa to hold the booking. Located at a side valley off Rua do Cunha(the famous street for local snack), Estb de Comidas Amagao(亚马交)was one of the best kept secret in Taipa. It was a family-style Portuguese restaurant with only 3-4 tables, advance booking was strongly encouraged.

Let's take a look at our dishes.
Arroz De Marisco 海鲜饭 MOP170

Galinha A Portuguesa half 葡国鸡半只 MOP$115

Sardihas No Forno 焗沙甸魚 MOP90

Carnes De Porco A Alientekana 豬肉粒炒蜆 MOP145

We ordered few plates of white rice, to eat with the dishes.

The owner recommended the soft and warm Portuguese bun, it was best when dipped with the sauce of Portuguese chicken.

This restaurant was definitely less touristy and cheaper compare to Litoral Restaurant during my last trip. For all the above dishes and drinks, six of us spent less than MOP600 for a scrumptious dinner. Just for comparison, Amagao was a casual restaurant serving home-cooked Portuguese dishes while Litoral offered more upscale atmosphere with fine Portuguese dishes. Both restaurant served authentic and mouth-watering Portuguese dishes. So the decision is with you.

A revisit to Pastelaria Fong Kei(晃记饼家) before we took a taxi back to our accomodation at Macau Peninsula.

This round, we stayed at Welcome 51A hostel. Warn you, it was not a hotel, the hostel rooms were at different levels of a local building. But it provided basic, clean and cheap rooms at a premium location, a short walking distance to Ruins of St Paul's. The best choice for budget travellers. If you are willing to spend more for accommodation, you can consider Pousada de Mong Ha.

We booked 3 rooms. This was the first room.

the second room,

and the third room.

Each room had a private bathroom. They were similar, so I only took one picture.

The next morning, we walked to the nearby Mercado De S.Domingos Municipa Complex(營地街市綜合大樓).

It was actually a wet market. But it was a modern and clean market where the floor was completely dry that term "wet market" was no longer suitable here. The multi-level market was equipped with escalators and each level was selling different type of food.

A level selling all kind of vegetables.

The third floor was a food court.

This was the stall we were looking for, Cafe Seng Kei(胜记咖啡). They served Claypot Coffee, a Macau speciality and also toast bread.

When I figured out that I had missed out Macau claypot coffee after my previous trip, I planned it in this trip. But the coffee in Cafe Seng Kei was nothing special, just run of the mill. However we still enjoyed this local breakfast as the first stop of our Macau Food Marathon.

How could we miss out Lord Stow's Portuguese egg tart? Second stop of the day.

The egg tarts were still very delicious, the taste had not changed since my last visit.

Estb de Comidas Amagao 亞馬交餐廳
G/F, 25 Rua Ho Lin Vong R/C, Vila de Taipa

Welcome 51A
View website

Lord Stow's Bakery 安德魯餅店
1 Rua da Tassara, Coloane Town Square
Coloane Island, Macau
Tel: (835) 2888 2534
7am-10pm daily except Wed 7am-6pm