Macau: Yee Shun Dairy Company

I was craving for something sweet after Ving Kei Tou Fu, Wing Kei Beef Offal & Hen You Fish Ball. I have a sweet tooth, and I believe it is true for most of the gals. ;)

We came to this Yee Shun Dairy company (義順牛奶公司) located at
Senado Square. Actually we had passed by Yee Shun when we covered the 12th attraction, but that time we decided to keep the dessert after our proper meal. Yee Shun was one of the shop at the outstanding pink building right in front of the water fountain. There was no chance for us to miss it. :)

Basically, Yee Shun had become one of the tourist spot in Macau. So far, no one had left Macau without paying Yee Shun a visit. My guess. But I would be surprise to know that one visited Macau but didn't try Yee Shun. Their must try menu were the double-layer steamed milk and ginger milk curd. recipe here!

For the first visit, we tried steamed milk. Then, we were back again on our last day in Macau to try the milk curd. No doubt, the deciding factor would be the quality of the milk. But, the ratio was rather important. The ratio of sugar and milk, plus the ginger(for milk curd), all had to be in the right amount to ensure they would not overpower each other. It was not surprised when the double-layer steamed milk and ginger milk curd served were hot, smooth and with rich fragrant of milk. On the other hand, the double-layer steamed milk with red bean was not bad too. But I prefer the plain one as the red bean had covered the milk taste.

milk cow sign

enlarge to read the menu

The cold desserts were taken here while the hot desserts were prepared from the kitchen behind

plain double-layer steamed milk pudding 双皮炖奶 MOP$16

double layer steamed milk pudding with red bean 红豆双皮炖奶 MOP$18

ginger milk curd 姜汁撞奶 MOP$18

I always like to test ginger milk curd with a spoon.

I had made a very good effort to search and translate Yee Shun branches in Hong Kong and Macau in both languages, in fact for all the posts. So, do remember to keep a copy when you travel there. Note that Yee Shun has branches in Hong Kong too, but with slightly more expensive prices.

Yee Shun Dairy Company 義順牛奶公司
Main Branch in Macau:
7 Senado Square 议事厅前地7号
Tel: 28573638

Macau other branches:
11 Rua Ferreira do Amaral R/C 东望洋街11号
Tel: 28304857

381 Avenida de Almeida Rebeilo 新马路381号
Tel: 28373104

Hong Kong branches:
G/F 63 Pilkem St Kln 佐敦庇利金街63號地下
Tel: 2730 2799

G/F 244 Sai Yeung Choi South St Prince Edward 太子西洋菜南街244號地下
Tel: 23933301

G/F 513 Nathan Rd Yanmati Kln 油麻地彌敦道513號地下
Tel: 2374 5460

G/F 506 Lockhart Rd Causeway Bay 銅鑼灣駱克道506號地下
Tel: 2591 1837

Macau: Wing Kei Beef Offal VS Hen You Fish Ball

They were alike but not the same. Both of these stalls sold curry, but Wing Kei was famous for Curry Beef Offal and Hen You was known for Curry Fish Ball.

We bumped into Wing Kei first. No hesistation at all, we got ourselves a small bowl of Beef Offal. (MOP$15 for small, MOP$25 for medium and MOP$35 for big) Obviously, Wing Kei was doing it a lot better than most of the Malaysia stalls. As Malaysian, sometimes we do hesistate when it comes to intestine. But this bowl of curry goodies was not a problem to me at all.

For those who still dare not to try, you can opt for Hen You Fish Ball. Hen You attracted a crowd of people until I had difficulty placing my order.

Taking a closer look. There were so many choices and I didn’t know what to let go.

The curry was not as thick as Wing Kei, but tasted as good. I liked the cheese balls and crab balls the most.

I bought a bottle of Hen You Curry Sauce, but I forgot to place in the check-in luggage. The Hong Kong immigration must be happy to have received it. Sob.

Wing Kei Beef Offal 荣记牛杂
Travessa Dos Anjos 天神巷
P/S: Travessa Dos Anjos(天神巷) was between Rua do Campo(水坑尾街) and Rua de Pedro Nolasco da Silva(伯多祿局長街).

Hen You 恒友
Travessa De S.Domingos 新馬路大堂巷
P/S: It was located at the small lane next to FANCL shop, together with Tai Tong Sai Wan On Kei(西灣安記) and Lemoncello Gelato(檸檬車露).

Macau: Sopa De Fitas Ving Kei

It was 12 noon. We were very thirsty and hungry after the 12th attraction. Refering to our Macau note, we came to this Sopa De Fitas Ving Kei. Ving Kei had started more than 50 years ago selling all soya products. Soya Bean, Tau Fu Hua(Tou Fu Pudding), Tau Fu were the common soya products. Over years, Ving Kei had expanded their menu to please all the customers. But the smart me will always stick to the signature dishes.

A bowl of cold Tau Fu Hua was the right choice after the long walk. Evaporated milk was added to the Tau Fu Hua, something that I never thought of. And, it worked pretty well by adding extra fragrant and different sweetness to the Tau Fu Hua. We did order a hot version later, but it wasn’t that good. I had tried a better one in Ipoh. They did not add evaporated milk to the hot version, only the cold version had it. By the way, cold Tau Fu Fa(冷豆腐花) was at MOP$4.50, and slightly more expensive for hot Tau Fu Fa(热豆腐花)at MOP$5.

The noodles came shortly after I had finished my cold Tau Fu Hua. The noodles was ordinary, but the tau fu was great. It reminded me of the Lembing’s Tau Fu at Pahang, Malaysia. If you don’t want to order the tau fu noodles(豆腐面) at MOP$11 as me, you can just order the tau fu(豆腐) at MOP$10.

We didn’t order a lot of food because we knew that there was still a long list to go.

Sopa De Fitas Ving Kei 荣记豆腐面食
Rua Da Tercena 41 果栏街41号
Tel: (853) 28921152

Macau: Strolling through the Histroric Center Part I

A total 25 locations or buidings of cultural and historic significance in Macau had been designated in the UNESCO World Heritage list. The best way to cover these sites were to take a heritage walk starting from the A-Ma Temple, near our dinner place last night. More info about Macau heritage can be found here.

1) A-Ma Temple 妈阁庙

Located at the south-western tip of Macau Peninsula, A-Ma Temple was the oldest temple in Macau. It was constructed in the year of 1844, that was before Macau came into being. It is also said that the name of Macau was derived from the temple.

A-Ma Temple

Years ago, Portugese sailor landed near the temple.

Maritime Museum was opposite A-Ma Temple
Official Web

spectacular view offered by the temple

The weather was warm. I was happy to see this mobile ice-cream stall in front of the A-Ma Temple.

2) Moorish Barracks 港务局大楼

This Moorish style building was once barracks, but now it is the headquarters of the Macau Maritime Administration.

3) Lilau Square 亚婆井前地

Lilau Square was one of the early settlements of Portuguese and the natural spring here was their main water source. The Portuguese were nostalgic towards Lilau Square which was expressed through their poem," Those who drink water from Lilau, will never forget Macau, will either marry in Macau or will come back to Macau."

4) Mandarin's House 郑家大屋

Integrating chinese and western design, Mandarin's house built in 1981 was the home of prominent Chinese literary figure Zheng Guan Ying.

5) St. Lawrence's Church 圣老楞佐教堂

We had almost missed this Church as it was blocked by the big old tree in front. Luckily there was this young man trying to capture photos using a tripod. Out of curiousity, we walked closer and found this St. Lawrence's Church.

staircase lead to St. Lawrence's Church

interior design of the church

6) St. Joseph's Seminary and Church 圣若瑟修院及圣堂

After the 6th heritage attraction, we arrived at this little coffee stall Century Coffee for their charcoal-toasted bread, iced milk tea and iced coffee. But to our disappointment, the stall was not opened on Sat and Sun. We had no choice but to move on to the next attractions.

Century Coffee 世纪咖啡
sito na Calcada do Gamboa Macau 澳门夜撫斜巷

7) St Augustine's Square 岗顶前地

St Augustine Square is surrounded by many important monuments, such as Dom Pedro V Theatre, Sir Robert Ho Tung Library and St. Augustine's Church.

8) Dom Pedro V Theatre 岗顶剧院

9) Sir Robert Ho Tung Library 何东图书馆大楼

10) St. Augustine's Church 圣奥斯定教堂

11) Leal Senado Building 民政总署大楼

12) Senado Square 市议厅前地

From Leal Senado, we crossed a busy road and reached Senado Square. Situated at the heart of the Macau Peninsula and with many other monuments surrounding it(Site #11 to Site #21), Senado Square was a happening place with throngs of people. The road was paved with wave-patterned mosaic of coloured stones while the buildings were colourfully painted. There was a lot of good food within walking distance which I will introduce in the coming posts. :)

Macau: The real crab porridge

I am supposed to blog on my one day heritage walk, but I would like to fast forward to the 2nd night dinner after the heritage walk. The heritage walk post is still in edit.


A visit to Macau would not be complete without tasting Macau famous crab porridge. Furthermore, it was crab seoson during my visit. :) I did some homework before hand and found that Bee Vee(峰景) serves the best crab porridge in Macau. The most popular restaurant among tourists is Seng Cheong(诚昌), however the locals prefer Bee Vee.

Bee Vee was comfortably situated at Taipa, overlooking the Macau-Taipa bridge(澳氹大橋). It was not at the common tourism spot, therefore it was not a popular restaurant among tourists. But good food will never be missed. ;)

Bee Vee menu

Bee Vee crab porridge (峰景蟹粥)

The crab porridge was heavenly good. The porridge was slow-cooked for 4-5 hours until it was silky smooth and fragrant, then it was thickened with the crab meat and crab roe. The yellowish dots in the porridge was the crab roe. I read that 3 different type of crabs were used in this porridge. Needless to say, the crab was fresh and meaty. I would believe that it was the best for every spoon of porridge was bringing me close to the heaven. I tried crab porridge at another restaurant the next day and it was not as good. A small pot of crab porridge, good enough for 2-3 person was selling at MOP$89 while a big pot was at MOP$148.

Another signature dish was the fried fish ball with rice cracker(米通鱼球) at MOP$48. I tried one, it was excellent. The fish ball coated with rice cracker was not oily at all. One fish ball was definitely not enough, I think I finished 5-6 fish balls without realising it. :p


Bee Vee did not charge for tea and 10% service charge. So, you only pay the exact price in the menu. If you enlarge the menu, you will read the good news on the left - 免收茶水及一成服务费. Sitting close to the window at first floor, the bridge view outside was splendid. I decided to sip another cup of tea....

Restaurante Bee Vee 峰景餐厅
Taipa Rot Leonel Sousa Macau
Tel: (853) 2881 1845 / (853) 2881 2398

P/S: Take Bus No 25, 22, 21A, 11, 26A, 28A, 35 or 33 and get down at the bus stop right in front of the restaurant. If not, the nearest land mark is New Century Hotel, Taipa, which is at about 10 minutes walking distance away.

Macau: More than a 4 Star Hotel

After much consideration, I booked Pousada de Mong Ha for 3 nights. Pousada was located half way up Mong Ha hill. Since there were many slopes in Macau, Pousada slope was nothing at all. Okok, to be honest, it took me 5 minutes to walk up to Pousada de Mong Ha. But, this little walk was well compensated with the good service provided by Pousada de Mong Ha.

The Pousada was elegantly decorated with Portuguese designs. The most classic design was the use of Portuguese tiles(ceramic tiles with patterns) at every corners of the building.

outside of the Pousada(note the Portuguese tiles on the wall)

Portuguese tiles again

free travel leaflets at the lobby

sofa set at the lobby

chairs at the corridor

The room wasn't fancy, but nothing was missing. There were tv, minibar, reading desk and chair, bed and bedside tables, wardrobe, safety box and not to forget, toilet . The photos shown was a single room.


a Queen size bed

massage shower jet

corner of the toilet

The Pousada also provided two small bottles of mineral water free of charge daily. Some of the hotels only provide it on the first day of your arrival. Then, I found a mini dim sum basket with a welcome message on the reading desk. Oh my goodness! There were two huge almond cookies inside, butter and chocolate flavours. They tasted like home made cookies. Too bad that there were only two pieces. That was not the end of the story yet. There was another voucher on the table, saying that I could redeem a glass of welcome drink any day within my stay from 3pm-6pm. But, I forgot to redeem it throughout my 3-day stay. Sob!

complimentary mineral water

lovely welcoming gift


The room came with free buffet breakfast and it was superb. The most surprising was ALL the food and drink served in the breakfast buffet was fresh and delicious. In Pousada, attention was given to all tiny details. Thumbs up! By the way, I forgot to mention that the Pousada was a training institute run entirely by the students. But the students were so friendly, helpful and caring until I felt like it was a 5 star hotel. No joke!

The chef was standing at the egg station, ready to serve.

The bakery corner had croissant, bread, muffin and etc.
I liked the muffin so much that I had it everyday.

The coffee and tea corner
I was rather surprised that they had the fully automatic coffee machine.
It brewed fresh coffee from bean to cup at a touch of button, definitely a bonus for coffee lovers.

porridge, cereal and cold drink

Breakfast plate

look at the cheese!

cereal with fresh milk

coffee and orange juice

The last morning before I checked out, I walked further up to the Mong Ha hill. There was a small public park where I saw a lot of old people having their exercises.

After checked out, I took the hotel van to Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal. The hotel also provides free shuttle to certain routes daily. This Pousada was not only great value for money, but definitely more than that. It will definitely be my first choice again if I ever come to Macau again.

Pousada de Mong Ha 望厦宾馆
Colina de Mong Ha, Macao, China
Tel: (853) 2851 5222