Bario: Nancy Harris Homestay

Nancy Harris Homestay
If given a choice, I would always choose homestay. Normally, homestay can only accept a limited number of customers. In that case, you will become part of their family members and stay with them. Some of the homestays provide meals and thus everything is well taken care of. Nancy Harris Homestay is one of them. The moment we met Nancy in the airport, she became our great host in Bario. She cooked delicious meals and arranged activities for us. We spent no time worrying about all these. Most of the time when we were at home, we were lazing around the house, or chatting with anyone in the house, or day-dreaming in front of the paddy field. Until now, I still miss her good food, especially the curry pineappble, pineapple wine, stir fry belin and her secret-reciped kueh.

Nancy's lodge
Note the muddy road to Nancy's house.

the living hall

one of the bedroom

staircase to the toilet and bathroom
Need not to worry, they have proper toilet :)

long dining table

Nancy blowing the wood fire

Harris workers hard at work

new toilet in progress

balcony where I had spent hours day-dreaming

welcome lunch for us

Bbq meat

Dinner menu:
Bamboo shoots with bbq meat
curry pineapple
steamed fish
wild vegetable

fried bihun, fried egg and biscuit for breakfast

Simple but delicious lunch

to start a day

Nancy's kueh is superb.
I had 3 pieces of it.

Sweet Pineapple Wine



Nice to be back to nature....


Seems like a great place to getaway from the buss and hustle of city.

Hello, first time visiting. :)

soo sean

Hi cc, welcome. :)
Bario can't be easily accessed by outside people. Therefore it still maintain their own cultures.
Considering a trip to Bario?


thats interesting!

homestay program is quite the IN thing nowadays eh?
live the local's way of life.

soo sean

j2kfm, you know what, I was reading your blog when your message dropped into my mailbox. I can't remember which blog lead me to your blog. But it was so coincident.

What I enjoy the most at homestays are the warm to the formal ones in hotels.


hi! i was looking around for recommendations for bario homestays when i stumbled on your blog.

any chance of you posting the contacts for the homestay? all numbers on the ebario site are obsolete and i am not getting any email replies. thanks!

soo sean

Hi Crysl,

It's normal. I didn't get reply from them too. They have limited access to internet and they only share the telephone in airport.

Don't worry. Write down the homestay you want and ask for it when you reach Bario airport. In Bario, everyone knows each other. And Bario ppl is very friendly.

Drop me more questions if you have any. I will be happy to answer you. Have a nice trip!


hi all, harris is my cousin. his number is 0198585850