Kham Khee Beef Steamboat

This residential unit looked no different than the other units in its surrounding. If it was not recommended by Sharon, I would not have found out that it actually operated as a beef steamboat restaurant without a signboard. I bet many who are taking this road daily might not notice it as well. Later on, I also found out that it was not a new restaurant in Penang. It moved from Perak Road to Gottieb Road and now Gajah Road. So, some of their old customers might have lost track of it. Therefore, I am more than eager to share this restaurant with everyone.

The interior of the restaurant was very simple but well equipped with everything to run a steamboat business. Bamboo blinds, wall frames, cashier counter and four round tables. Yes, there were only four tables, so we did make advance booking to avoid disappointment.

We were told that they only serve beef steamboat when we asked for the menu. Beef steamboat set was starting from RM80 onwards, which is good enough for 4 people. Five of us ordered the RM100 set.

while waiting for the food to be served

We did not need to wait long before the steamboat pot filled with beef goodies arrived on our table. I scooped up some ingredients from the simmering pot of broth and found 2-3 types of meat balls, tendon, bone marrow and many other unknown beef parts. This restaurant served all the ingredients in the broth except for the easily cooked ingredients which would be served separately. I took a spoonful of beef broth and it was yummylicious.

Two different vegetables that came with the set, Tong Ho and Bean Sprout.

From left: beef tripe(included in the set), koey teow(RM4)

Star of the night was this plate of fresh and tender beef slices. My eyes blinked when I saw two plates of beef slices were served. Last visit, we ordered the RM80 set which only had one plate of beef slices. We coated the beef slices with egg yolk before cooking it. The egg yolk was to give the beef slice smoother texture.

I dipped a slice of pink into the boiling broth. The beef slices were paper thin, so it was ready within 5 seconds. I liked to have it rare or medium rare. The beef slice was bursting in my mouth with juices and flavours. We finished the beef slices in no time.

complimentary fruit

Kham Khee
Add: 45, Jln Gajah,
11200 Tg Bungah,
Tel: 016-4823-695, 016-4533-801
Business Hour: Open for dinner
Gps Coordinates: N05º27.493' E100º18.154'

map on the back of the name card



looks delicious. Try it at home. Steamboat at home would be nicer..

soo sean

But I do not know how to make beef steamboat. :p

Sai Mun

This is the one that you went after finding out that I won't be in town?


Ju Yee 如意

You must bring me there if I visit you in Penang in future.

soo sean

Hi Sai Mun,
Cool down. :p
We can always go again.

Hi Ju Yee,
No problem. When you come, we go there, ok.

ck lam

I will sure to try out the steamboat...the environment is so different compared to the old shop. Thanks for sharing.

soo sean

Hi CKLam,
Are you here to remind me that I did not update my blog for long? ;)
I might be going there again this weekend as my family is coming from Ipoh.
Maybe I will see you there?