NZ D7: Wanaka, Arrowtown and Queenstown

Highlight of the day:
1. Beautiful Wanaka Lake
2. Little Arrowtown
3. The gigantic Ferg burger
4. Skyline to Bob's peak at Queenstown
5. First time on Luge

Peaceful Wanaka lake in the morning

A zoom out version. Can't decide which to use. ;-)

We were so surprised that beautiful views were everywhere in NZ. In the first few days, we stopped many times to take pictures. Then later on, we started to be picky, or we have to be picky, else we would never reach our destination.

Fruit farms before Queenstown

Jones's fruit stall

fruits in season

love this view too

First time our car had to come to full stop.

Glibbston Valley Vineyard and Cheesery

The vineyard offers unique wine tasting in the underground wine cave. We did not arrive at the right timing, thus did not make it to the wine tour. Do check out their schedule at their website(link below).

Next to the vineyard, there is a cheesery. If you have the cost and time budget, do consider their picnic hamper where they pair the cheese and wine together. As usual, check out their website(link below).

Would you get more courage to do a bungy jump with such a nice view? ;-)

Standard must take shot in NZ

Arrowtown, former gold-mining town

autumn is at the corner

Street in Arrowtown

We decided to have lunch at Stables restaurant which offer al fresco dining option.

timeless ambiance and perfect weather

Left: sleepy in such a relaxing environment
Right: Grandpa and grandson enjoying time together

Hearty seafood chowder with a toast

Coffee is a must

winding road to Queenstown

After we checked in to Absoloot Value in Queenstown, we came out and explored the town.

Patagonia for chocolate lovers

The birds in NZ were not afraid of human.

Bird having a bite of bread

bird couple

Lake Wakatipu

the lengendary Ferg burger

enjoying burger

making burgers

Burger as big as my face

We shared the Big Al(NZ$17.50), with 1/2lb of prime NZ beef, bacon, cheese, eggs, beetroot, lettuce, tomato, red onion, relish and aioli. It was so satisfying!

isite building in Queenstown

We got our second, or third dose(not quite sure) from Bean Around The World.

the menu

bean around the world

Remarkable Sweet Shop for the sweet tooth

Our accommodation was strategically located at the center of Queenstown, therefore we did not have to drive and have headache with parking. With a 5 minutes walk, we reached Skyline Queenstown. We bought the Gondola & 2 Luge combo ticket at NZ$38 per person.

Taking a Gondola up the hill, we were greeted with unsurpassed view of the region.

taking a luge cart

There were two tracks, scenic track and advance track. We started with scenic track and then went for the advance track.

it was me on luge!

The thrilling ride was fun! We could not get enough with just 2 rides, but the ride wasn't cheap. We enjoyed the inspiring view for another while before we went down hill.

Dinner was at Flame Grill and Bar.

funky deco on the restaurant's wall

The restaurant was fully packed, we only managed to grab two seats at the bar.

the bar tender

Rib and Steak Combo NZ$41

While we enjoyed lake and mountain views, the food and activities in Queenstown, we spent few times more here compare to other towns. And yet, we did not go on the famous TSS Earnslaw Cruise. A good reason for another NZ trip in future? :-)

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