YTL Pangkor Laut: one island one resort

After the wonderful experience at YTL Cameron Highlands Resort(read more about my trip here), we decided to visit YTL Pangkor Laut Resort the following year. We took the 3D2N residents' package in Aug '13 which we both think that it was worth every single penny. Since we had taken many pictures during the trip, so I would let the pictures to do the talking.

Pangkor Laut Resort's Lumut Office

Once we arrived at Pangkor Laut Resort's office at Marina island pangkor, we were greeted by the smiling and helpful stuffs. Then they helped to unload our luggages from the car, transfer it to the boat and send it to our resort room, we did not need to take care of our luggages at all. This was definitely helpful especially when you had an active toddler to run after.
 feeding Phin Zhe lunch while we enjoyed the welcome drinks
 Phin Zhe was running barefooted in the modern and comfortable lounge.
 He likes this chair!
Boat transfer
We took the 1pm scheduled boat and it took around 15 minutes to reach Pangkor Laut island.
Arriving, lobby and briefing

 We had arrived one island one resort.
There was a dedicated stuff for each couples/family. While the stuff gave us some simple briefing, Phin Zhe was trying to explore the lobby. I did have a mild complaint about the 3pm check in time. It was 2pm and the stuff suggested us to go for lunch, but I rejected him politely since we had have our lunch. Luckily he managed to arrange the room for us. Check out was by 11am, did they need 4 hours for housekeeping? I did not know. I just knew that Phin Zhe needed an afternoon nap. ;)
When we reached the room, we found out that we were upgraded to beach villa(instead of garden villa that I had booked).
"Featuring a private balcony with deck chairs, a large bathroom with a separate shower and a large bathtub open to the elements, these villas have a breathtaking view of the sea......." captured from YTL website.
 ample place for Phin Zhe to run and play
 We dumped all the bath toys to the open air bath tub and turned it to a children water pool.
There was a big library adjacent to the lobby. Resort guests can read books, daydream or online in the library. We did not spend much time here as we had enough activities to keep us busy.
 with enough day beds and seatings
 another angle of the library
Game room
As compare to the YTL Cameron Highlands Resort, this playroom had very little toys. But the guests should have no complaint as they had many other choices, beach, tennis court, swimming pool etc. 
 Well, it was still able to please little boy like Phin Zhe.
But they did have computers for you to check emails or facebook.
On-island transportation
There was a few waiting points where you can get a shuttle to drop you to your destinations. I strongly suspected that they had installed a spy camera somewhere because the wait time was really short. 
 camwhoring while waiting to be picked up
Swimming pool

We had two swimming sessions at this pool overlooking the sea villas. It was a short walk from beach villa where we stayed.
Emerald bay
Emerald bay, known as one of the most beautiful beaches in Malaysia. Actually it was a secluded beach at another side of the island, but we went to the beach everyday without fail. Everytime when we reached the beach, the stuff would lay the blue towels on the beach chairs and leave us a bucket of chilled drinking water. We love Emerald bay to the max, charming, quiet and clean. I felt that all the stress had just melted away.

 Phin Zhe at the beach
 Dad and son playing sand
 snapped this beautiful moment from the beach chair
 while they were having fun, I was lazing on the beach chair.
 what were they looking at?
 carrying water for his sand castle
Spa Village
The stay at Pangkor Laut resort would not be complete without a visit to the award winning Spa Village. I did not bring my camera along during the spa as I wanted to enjoy the spa to the fullest. But I can assure you that the spa was world class standard, the environment was much better than YTL Cameron Highlands Resort. Every spa treatment came with a 45 minutes pre-treatment, where it included foot bath and foot pounding, Malay Cold Bath, Japanese Bath, Rotenburu Pool and Shanghai Scrub. The room or space for each of this sessions were so well designed that I felt so relax and refreshed even before the massage. :) Do note that the spa service is not included in the residents' package, I booked it online to enjoy the early bird special.

 spa village's entrance
If you wish to have more privacy, do consider spa villa. Children below 16 years old is not allowed in spa village. But other places in the resort are child friendly.
the last picture I took at the spa reception before I locked my camera in the spa locker

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