KL: Food Hunt

Sharing some good food that I have tried this time.


This Klang Ba Ku Teh is one of my favourite. Klang is a bit far. And by the time we reached there, I was too hungry until I forgot to capture any photos.

I will post some old photos later.

Portugese Grill Fish
Oasis Food Court
Level 2 Midvalley

When I want to dine in Midvalley, this Portugese Grill Fish will always pop in my mind. The Portugese Grill Fish stall is located at Oasis Food Court, Level 2 MidValley. I had tried the famous Portugese Grill Fish at Petaling Street before. I opt for this stall as it serves the same tasty dish in a more comfortable environment.

The stall offers a wide variety of seafood to be grilled with the special spicy sauce. I remember they have stingray, prawn, squid, clams and a lot more other seafoods. How does it taste like? It tastes spicy, spicy and spicy. But then it is a delicious spicy taste. Yummy! Yummy!

Oasis Food Court Entrance

long queue waiting to be served

Portugese Grilled Stingray and Squid served with rice

After the spicy food, I passed by this Gelatissimo. When I walked closer, they were so friendly and gave me a few spoons to try on different flavours. How can I resist this? :) I chose mango and banana for my two-flavour cone. From the taste and the name, I guess it is Gelato, Italian ice-cream. Not too sure about it.

I was attracted by the stall

closer look to the ice-cream

5 mins later, I got this in my hand!

Food Foundry
BG8, Happy Mansion
Jln 17/13
46400 PJ

I was here for the irresistible crepe cake. Crepe cake was made by continue layering thin crepe and cream filling alternately until it reaches the height of a cake. It needs at least 30 layers of crepe to form a cake. It is best served chilled.

They have 4 flavours in the menu, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and orange chocolate. I ordered a Chocolate crepe cake, but then the waiter came back and told me that chocolate flavour is out. So, I changed to Vanilla flavour. It looks delicous and tastes as great.

spent quite a while to find the restaurant

vanilla crepe cake

Soo Kee Mee Stall 大树头苏记炒粉
14 Medan Imbi
Off Jalan Imbi
Business Hours: 12n-3pm

It is an old restaurant in KL town. Just ask the local people and they will point you the way. The restaurant is within walking distance from Time Square or Lot 10. For me, I walked from Lot 10.

We ordered one ginger onion fried beef hor fun and one prawn noodles. The beef is tender and soft while the prawn is big and sweet. A lunch for 2 costs RM38.

Soo Kee Mee Stall

Ginger Onion Fried Beef Noodles

Prawn Noodles



Prawn noodles look delicious.. yum yum