Sekincan: Tummy treats

I have been to Sekincan a few times. I come here for a break and for the seafood. The same schedule for every trip.

1. reach after lunch and check in Harbour View Hotel Sekincan. The best hotel in Sekincan by the main road. Clean and Cheap.

2. buy prawn cracker in Pasir Penambang. Pasir Penambang is a small town, sitting on the banks of the selangor river. It is 15 minutes drive from Sekincan and it is nearer to Kuala Selangor.

Sip Hup Heng Fishery 新合兴
03-3289 4146/012-3555208

3. Seafood dinner at Restaurant Wan Lau, Sekincan(旺盛海鲜饭店). Don't forget to order their crab, live mantis prawn and fried clam with egg(啦啦煎)。

4. Breakfast at Tasty Restaurant, Sekincan(好味饭店). Famous dishes are fried catfish(炒土刹),fried shark skin(炒鲨鱼皮),chinese pork knuckle(猪脚醋).

5. Check out and leave Sekincan

Sekincan view

what is the road name beside the paddy field?

keropok for my mum

big RM16 Small RM8

yong tau fu from the prawn cracker stall

Seafood dinner place

juicy fried baby squid

fried catfish with sesame oil and ginger

Steamed Crab

Sinful Crab Eggs or not

fried clam with egg

fried catfish and fried pork

Joyful Steps Blog Readers are entitled to redeem a pack of fresh prawn cracker from Pasir Permatang by leaving a comment on any of the posts after 29 Dec 07.
* Free Transportation only within Penang island
* Limited to one pack per person
* Valid while stock lasts



Will have to go Sekincan to try the seafood one day. Can organise a makan trip and you can be the tour guide ;) The crabs really looks yummy, although not a fan of crabs. After eating for all those days, you will really need to have a lots of exercise, like badminton, swimming, squash, etc =)

Sai Mun

I would like to claim my share of the goodies.
Since I am the first one to respond, you cannot say out of stock liao. :)

Sai Mun
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You didn't state the rough pricing for the dishes, or the total cost for how many person on the seafood dinner. Can have a reference for other additional orders =) BTW, a great work on your blogs. Two thumbs up @@


Happy New Year, Soo Sean! Looks yummy. ;p

hai seong

I want one too, can I? :)
luckily we are going "Hai Bui" soon, can satisfy my seafood craving, hehe.


i also want !!!


Leaving comment for prawn crackers :P


is the cracker still available? :P

soo sean

Even if it is still available, would you dare to eat? ;)