Hong Kong Souvenirs

This will be the last post of my Macau and Hong Kong trip. It took me 4 months to finish the posts. :p Let me share with you some of the souvenirs that I had brought back from Hong Kong. Do not ask for souvenirs as I had distributed/finished all of them.

We went to Duck Shing Ho(德成號) before our dinner at Tung Po.

Gift wrapping was free

There were 3 flavours for Egg Roll, Original, Butter and Coconut.


The egg rolls were still in good shape after the long journey. It was the best egg roll that I have ever tried.

Almond flake from Maxims(美心)

I do not like the chocolate flavour, the original and lemon flavours were okay.

Milk Tea(奶茶) and Yuan Yang(鸳鸯)

Milk tea powder

Have a cup of Dai Pai Tong(大排挡) milk tea.

Ho To Tai(好到底)

8-8 gift box(八八礼盒)

There were 8 types of noodles, each two rolls.

XO Sauce Seafood and Kobe Beef flavour Nissin Instant Noodles(出前一丁)

Walnut cookies(核桃酥) from Wing Wah(荣华饼家)

XO Sauce Pork Floss Egg Roll from Ajiichiban(优之良品)

Duck Shing Ho 德成號
G/F64 Java Road, North Point 北角渣華道64號地下
Tel: 2570 5529/2571 5049
P/S: Duck Shing Ho is Hong Kong famous Chinese New Year snack. Chances to buy egg roll during Nov to Feb are very low.

Ho To Dai 好到底
Wan Chai Rd Cathay 88 Shop No.8湾仔道125国泰88商场地下8号舖

Wing Wah 荣华饼家

Maxims 美心

Ajiichiban 优之良品



I am going to HK this week and I was researching on things to do there. Your blog is very comprehensive! Haha but it seems like you stayed there for quite a few days as you did so many things. Do you happen to have a compiled list of all the things that you tried there? Your blog is really useful in helping me plan my itinerary as it has a lot of 'insider' info. If you do, could I trouble you to send it to me please? My email is anabelcmx@gmail.com. Thank you so much!

soo sean

Hi Anabel,

I am so sorry that I do not have a compiled list. Perhaps can consider doing so for next trip. :)

I went there for a 10 days trip. Please remember to copy all the information before your trip. It will save you a lot of troubles. You can ask question on particular post if you have and I will try to answer you.

Wish you a memorable trip and do visit my blog often!


Hi soo sean,

I just realised that you're a female! I keep thinking that your name is sean, until I realised that it could be 'so sian' or sth.

What would you recommend as a 'must do', as I'll only be there for 5 days. Did you go to Ocean Park? I've heard good things about it but it's time-consuming, haha.

Thank you so much for your help! You have a very comprehensive an detailed blog :D

soo sean

Hi Anabel,

It's normal cos Sean is a guy name. :)

I did not go to Ocean Park/Disneyland. Ocean Park and Disneyland will take one full day for each theme parks. The reason being is I have been to San Diego SeaWorld and LA Disneyland. So, I prefer to spend more time walking on the streets, watching the locals.

Frankly speaking, I think the tourism spots in HK have nothing special. But for a first timer, You can still visit some of the normal place where tourists will go, like Lantau island, The Avenue of Stars & Symphony of Lights, Madame Tsussauds at The Peak etc.

But, Hong Kong is definitely a heaven for good food and shopping. I enjoyed buying as there are so many choices. Of course at the end of the day I need to settle my credit card bill. Cantonese food and dessert are good. Try more varieties.

I am going for vacation next week too. Hope my other travel logs will help you in future too.

whye kwan

Hi Soo Sean,
Thanks so much for all your hong kong itineries. it will definetly help me a lot on planning my trip in the middle of April.
Just want to check with you, which means of transport will be cheaper, MTR or Taxi? I'm travelling in a group of 4 and some of the feedback given was to travel by taxi coz' it will be almost the same price and it will send you to the doorstep of your destination. what do you think?