HK: North Point

Since we did not make advance booking, we reached Tung Po Restaurant at 5pm, half an hour before Tung Po business hour. It was still early and the restaurant was empty. So we went to the nearby Duck Shing Ho Egg Roll(德成號蛋捲) and returned to Tung Po at 5.30pm.

Tung Po, a must-eat restaurant in North Point.

We were too early. The workers were still having their dinner when we reached. One of them raised their hand when he saw my camera.

Most of the tables was reserved. Please make reservation to avoid disappointment.

I found something very interesting at the last page of the menu. First, it said if you were too hungry due to the long wait time, you could order something from the 1-min snacks menu. Another message at the bottom said that phone reservation was from 2.30pm to 5.30pm, no one would be answering your call at other time. So, be prepared to wait as Tung Po was too famous.

Since we were first to order, the food arrived fast. Salad bone(沙拉骨) was deep fried chicken soft bone, cucumber and etc in sweet sour sauce. A very appetizing dish!

Fried Pork Hock in Fermented Bean Curd(南乳炸豬手) served with special dip sauce was simply marvellous. I saw it on all the tables, so it must be their signature dish.

I did not forget to order their signature spaghetti in squid ink with squid balls(墨魚丸墨汁意粉) at HK$98.

It was delicious. The only drawback would be our teeth became black after having the squid ink spaghetti.

We had complimentary dessert, grass jelly in mint syrup.

At 6pm, all the tables was occupied.

When we left Tung Po, we saw others waiting outside the restaurant. I was glad that we came earlier, else we would end up waiting like them.

Tung Po Restaurant 東寶小館
2/F Java Road Municipal Services Building, 99 Java Road, North Point
Tel: 2880 9399



Wah HKD98 for a plate of spaghetti, really not cheap...