Phuket Day 1: Fantasea

17:15 Had light meal at No.6 Restaurant.

The weather was not hot, but we still felt thirsty and tired after some walks. We passed by No.6 Restaurant and decided to stop for some drinks. The waitress then recommended pineapple juice and watermelon juice to us. At this restaurant, we also tried a popular thai dish called pad thai. It was a plate of stir fry flat noodles with chicken, nuts, bean sprout, spring onion and egg.

No.6 Restaurant

Phad Thai Gai at 50B

Watermelon juice(40B) and pineapple juice(30B)

18:30 Picked up by mini van from hotel to Phuket Fantasea at Kamala.

Phuket fantasea was a award winning cultural theme park in Thailand. Some even called it Thailand Disneyland. Before the cultural illusion show, Fantasy of a Kingdom, we were to spend time at festival village. There were souvenir shops, craft demonstrations, elephant rides, fun fair games, white tiger, stage show and some other tourist attractions.

When it came to the show, no photo taking was allowed and we had to leave our camera or camera phone at the counter. The show was truly amazing and we enjoyed it very much. We got good seats, that might be one of the reason. If possible, ask for a seat at the second half and towards the center. The reason was part of the show happened at both side, behind and even on top of the front seats.

at fantasea entrance

the fish pond

fish food stall beside the pond

Some stupid entertainment shows at Festival Village.

From left: White tiger; sparrows kissing

Carnival village shopping street

banana milkshake

From left: Palace of elephant theater; one of the expensive souvenior shop

Left: dance performance at cafe; last photo before I went for the main show

23:00 Back in Pa Tong. Enjoyed one hour foot massage at 200B. Visited Bangla Road night life. Had banana pancake and Khanom-jeen for supper. Bought a roll of bread(32B) at 7-11 for fish feeding tomorrow.

I have no idea about the location of this pancake stall. However in the next few days, I found that there were many pancake stalls in Pa Tong. Instead, the street food was rather repetitive here, selling pancake and grilled meat. So you would not be able to miss out this one in you happened to be in Pa Tong.

You could have different fillings for your pancake.

Crepe with banana and honey

Not far from the pancake stall was this massage shop where we had our first foot massage. 200B should be the cheapest price I saw in Pa Tong. The shop had no fancy design and the massage was just so so. But it was always good to have some massage, so no complaint from me.

After that, we walked to Bang La Road, the busiest street at night in Pa Tong. It was an ideal place for nightlife, flashy and loud. With the price of a drink, you could sit back in one of the bar and enjoy some sexy dances. We did not stay long as we still remembered that we had to wake up early for Khai island tomorrow.

We passed by a grilled stall on the way back and was attracted by the nicely arranged meat sticks. The grilled chicken, beef and pork(10B each) turned out to be tender, juicy and tasty. But the meat balls(20B) had some weird taste which I dislike. Look out for this stall in front of 196, Rat-U-Thit Songroi Pi Rd.

Before we could reach our hotel, we found another stall selling khanom-jeen. It was just in front of No.6 Restaurant. Judging from the number of locals visiting the stall, we knew that it must be good. We shared a plate of Khanom-jeen with curry chicken at 40B. Choices are curry chicken, curry beef and curry chicken feet. There were plates of raw vegetables and leaves on the table. We followed what the locals did, adding some vegetables, tearing some leaves and mixing them with the noodles. The curry was so delicious and the thin vermicelli had absorbed all the curry flavors. Highly recommended if you are looking for some real local food.
From left: cooked vermicelli and curry; packs of raw vegetables

Look at the number of patrons

Khanom-jeen Gai

Raw vegetables to be eaten with Khanom-jeen

01:00 Reached hotel and slept.

Map of the day