Phuket Day 2: Khai Island Tour

06:30 Morning alarm rang

07:15 Had breakfast at hotel

The hotel provided very basic buffet breakfast with slight changes to the menu everyday. And, the breakfast started early in the 7am, which was good for tourists who signed up island packages.

Upper: The breakfast area was quite spacious
Lower: Breakfast menu were pancake, fried noodles, fried rice, mix vege, stir fried potatoes, eggs, bread, ham and sausages.

Left: Drink, cereal and yogurt counter
Right: Egg omelette from the egg station

07:30 Khai island tour started. Picked up by mini van to Nontbasak Marine Port

The journey took about 45 minutes. The port was at the east of Pa Tong and we had to pass through Phuket town.

08:15 Took speed boat to Koh Khai Nok island

At the port, we got our snorkels and life jackets before boarding. You could also rent a pair of fin at 100B. Guess what, there was a stall selling bread at 20B. Never mind, I guess the fish would know how to differentiate branded and non-branded bread. Speed boat to Khai island was only 15 minutes which meant we had more time for swimming and snorkeling.

Life jacket counter

Snorkel and fin counter

Stall selling tourist stuffs

08:30 Reached Koh Khai Nok island.

Some described Khai island as island with many beach chairs. For the tour I joined, beach chair and toilet fee were included. I learnt to know that some tours do not include beach chair and toilet fee.

Our sweet tour guide for the day.

She has set up a counter to provide us with local fruits, cookies and drinks throughout the tour.

Left: What were the tourists doing in the water?
Right: They were feeding the fish.

11:00 Departed to Koh Khai Nui island for snorkelling

Khai Nui island was very near to Khai Nok, it was so near that you could even see Khai Nui from Khai Nok. Khai Nui is an island with no beach for landing. But surrounding Khai Nui was good spot for snorkeling. When we reached there, the wave was very strong and it was not easy to swim. Our originally 40 minutes snorkeling time was terminated when some of the tourists started to get panic.

snapshot of Khai Nui

12:00 Returned to Koh Khai Nok for buffet lunch

Buffet lunch menu: noodles soup, salad, white rice, fried rice, fried vege, sweet sour fish, curry chicken, french fries, deep fried chicken wings and shrimp crackers.

13:00 Relaxed on the beach

It was normal to feel sleepy after lunch. So, I decided to take an evening nap. Lying on the beach chair, looking at the sandy beach and clear water, listening to the waves lapping, enjoying the sea breeze and sipping a glass of drink, it was a wonderful moment and I fell asleep in no time.

14:30 Returned to Nontbasak Marine Port by speed boat and transferred back to hotel by mini van. Khai island tour ended.



The scenery is so nice!
Around how much u spent 4 this trip?

soo sean

Hi Suting,
I spent about RM1500(one person), include flight ticket and hotel. Tour package in Thailand was quite pricey, I spent ~RM400 for the tours, Fantasea and two day island trips.