Phuket Day 4: Phuket town and Tun-ka Cafe

I have been very lazy in updating my Phuket trip, but very hardworking in preparing for my coming trip. Guess I prefer travelling much more than blogging. Feel so sorry to my reader.


When we woke up for breakfast, we quickly checked with the receptionist on the car rental. We needed a car to explore Phuket island. Their affiliated agent quoted us 1300B/day for Honda Jazz. Prices are slightly steep, compare to the price that I had surveyed which was only 1000B/day. And for security reason, we requested not to leave our passport with them. We wasted about 15 minutes explaining to them that since we were the hotel guests so it should be safe for them and listening to the reason why they have to take our passport. In the end, we decided to pay 200B for a scooter which did not require a passport.

So, I was pumping petrol for a scooter and not a Honda Jazz. Petrol was more expensive in Phuket compare to Malaysia, full tank for a scooter was about 150B.

The first destination was Phuket town. The above photo was the clock tower in Phuket town.

We started to explored Phuket town with the scooter. Once, we came to one of the food market which had just started the business. One of the stall had all the colorful snacks and desserts.

Another stall was selling economy rice.

We tried banana cake in sticks(10B/stick) which was not bad.

We also passed by Natural Restaurant(N 07 52.861' E098 23.056) which appeared in my eating list. However we decided to go to Tun-Ka Cafe(N07 53.524' E098 22.852') at the peak of Rang hill which offered great view over the town.

The journey to Tun-Ka cafe was not easy. We followed the signboard to Rang hill, but the signboard discontinued half way. After few rounds of asking-for-directions with my limited Thai vocabulary, finally we found the junction to Rang hill(N 07 53.301 E 098 22.931). I took the above photo at the junction for your reference.

We heaved a sign of relief when we saw Tun-Ka Cafe banner at Rang hill. We made it to Tun-Ka Cafe!

Following the banner, we reached Tun-Ka Cafe. The restaurant was a hidden gem, surrounded by lush greenery and have very matching wood decorations. It was, if not the best Thai restaurant in Phuket, then would be one of the few in the top list.

Without second thought, we picked the first table facing to the town view.

I turned to my back and these were the tables behind us.

Click to enlarge the menu

The atmosphere could not be better with such a fantastic view. With the research I did before hand and the recommendations from the waiter, we made our orders.

Stir fry "Pak Liang" with egg, 90B.

Crab meat and "Bai Chaploo" herbs in coconut curry, served with rice vermicelli, 120B.

Smoked dried shrimp chili paste served with vegetables, 120B.

Iced Coffee with milk, 30B.

Glutinous rice with durian in coconut cream, 50B. Highly recommended for durian lovers.

We enjoyed every single dishes that we had ordered, including the iced coffee and the dessert. This meal was definitely one of the best Thai food that I ever had. The only regret we had was we could not make a second trip to Tun-Ka cafe.

Tun-Ka Cafe
Top of Rang Hill,
Phuket Island.
Tel:(072) 211-500
Google Map


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We are planning to visit Phuket in mid-April
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I've been looking at some of the posts on this website to get an idea about travel in Phuket for my next vacation.