Phuket Day 3: Sea Canoe at Phang Nga Bay & James Bond Island

On day 3, we went canoeing at Phang Nga Bay & James Bond island. This was another island tour after the khai island.

In the early morning(~7.30am), we boarded the minivan again. It was a long road journey(~1 hour). This time the boat trip started from the little pier of Laem Sai at Phuket's northeast corner.

After all the tourists had boarded the boat, the tour guide started to explain the itinerary. He explained that the visit to the caves was only possible when its mid-tide. During high-tide, the water level was too high for the canoe to pass through whereas during low-tide, the lagoons became muddy. Therefore, this tour destinations would be running at different sequence according to the tides.

It was a double-decker boat. The bottom deck was used as kitchen and storage for the canoes. The tourists would be at the top deck. On our way to the first destination, we helped ourselves to the local fruits, cookies and drinks.

Some of the sceneries along the way

Our first destination - Ko Tapu or Nail island(better known as James Bond island).

This was where the movie "The man with the golden gun" had been shot in 1974.

This was taken at another side of the island.

After James Bond island, we were brought to a beach which I did not know the name. Some tourists started to canoe, some started to swim and some opted to relax on the beach.


The boat photo taken when I was in a canoe.

If all the above was too boring for you, you could treat the boat as a diving board. With great pleasure, I managed to get a model to demonstrate the correct way to do it. :D

While we were having fun, they were busy preparing lunch for us.

Generous serving of delicious dishes.

Tourists enjoying their scrumptious onboard lunch.

In front of such a beautiful scenery, I had no problem finishing two big plates of food.

The last part of the tour was to cover Hong island. Hong Island was surrounded by tall cliffs with a small entry point. It was like rooms with only one door. Therefore it was known as Hong, which meant room. Each guide was taking two in a canoe. By then I understood why there were so many guides for this tour. According to my guide, there were 3 rooms, living room, bathroom and honeymoon room. Interesting.

paddling towards to one of the hong entrance

the 'door'

another 'door'

entering one of the 'room'

We were asked to lie down when entering or leaving the 'rooms'.

inside one of the 'room'

mangrove in one of the 'room'

The tour guide helped us to take many photos in the hong island and he knew all the best shooting points. Some of the tourists' cameras had run out of batteries and memories. So for this trip, please get your camera ready with enough batteries and memories.

Our tour guide also pointed to us some of the interesting stones. The second photo was a monkey face, but I could not recall what was in the first photo now.

We then returned to the boat. Fruits and drinks were served as the perfect ending of the trip.



Haha~ Xi Fei Doi, nice Jump!!
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soo sean

Hi HM, I have passed your message on. :)
You can do during your two trips to Phuket. And send us the photo to show off. ;)


very informative travel blog, seems ur boss should give more works. btw, the fei lou looks fit again :)


Ya! Should give more work!
btw, where got fit? Last time he very fat?

soo sean

Hi guys, I could not tell who are you this time. Anyway, thanks for the message and do leave your name so that I can give a better reply. ;)

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Which tour operator you took for this day trip?
And how much?
I'm planning for one this Nov.


soo sean

Hi Storm,

I don't remember the tour operator name, but I booked it from one of their agent,Phuket Coconut Travel which I mentioned in The price was about 1300B per person that time.

Enjoy yr trip!

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somehow my cousie milked a deal with a tour agency when we were in khaolak.
thb1750 including transfer from kok kloy.

i didnt like the james bond island. so polluted with obnoxious tourist.
but love the canoeing part to the hongs