Vietnam: Last piece of Hanoi

It was the morning when we had to fly back to Malaysia. We went for a walk before leaving for airport.

We were not able to locate the Banh Bao stall in my note. So, we simply picked one stall.

It was very similar to Chinese bao. Besides the juicy meat, I found a hard boiled quail egg in it. A good choice for breakfast.

We stopped by a bakery shop.

Customer shopping for pastries and cakes.

We took away some french snacks which we finished it before we even reached the airport. :p

And here are two typical views in Vietnam,

the street sellers and

the complicated cables.

With this, my Vietnam trip had come to an end. We returned home with super heavy luggage.

Famous Kinh-Do mooncake gift box for our family. We bought two boxes, one box with conservative flavors(normal nuts and beans), another box with creative flavors(scallops, bbq meat etc). The aforementioned box came with a pack of Vietnam green tea.

Clockwise from left: Vi Lan coffee and condensed milk; toys for little princess; Vietnamese soldier caps for little prince; key chain

Banh Ngot
Bui Cong Trung
20 Hang Bo
Hoan Kiem


soo sean

You are little prince meh?

Hugo Lim

hahah you got your postings completed for hanoi.... i think i haven't yet... hahaha.. wah i see you going chengdu!

thats one hell of great scenery one can see there! envyyyy :D

till then, take care!

soo sean

Finally I have completed it. Hopefully the Chengdu posts won't drag that long too.... hehe.