China: Hotel recommendation

Early last month, we went for 7-day Chengdu trip. Hotel is one of the most important decision to make a good trip. After making some comparisons, I booked Jin Jiang Inn, Dong Feng branch( 成都东风大桥店). Jin Jiang Inn was one the leading budget chain hotel in China. We stayed here for two nights, checked out to Le Shan(乐山) and Mount Emei(峨眉山), and then came back for another two nights. It was a good value hotel and we were very satisfied.

To cut the story short, we paid RMB46 for a taxi from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport(成都双流国际机场) to the hotel. The taxi fare was relatively cheap compare to many countries, furthermore we had four person.

The reception used a very modern lime green color.

The display board at the reception showed not only the daily room rate, but also the very important weather forecast. The room rate was different for member and non-member. There was some discount for member. The membership registration fee was RMB158. You do the math and figure out if to join the membership. :)

Alternatively, if you are, or you are traveling with someone 60 years old and above, then the membership fee was waived. That was our case, we paid RMB161 for one Business Room A. I was told that Room A has more space compare to Room B. My advise is go for better room if you have the budget.

The corner of the lobby was also in the same lime green color.

There was a small computer room with free internet access in the lobby.

The hotel was thoughtful enough to have a display for travel tips.

You can have hotel breakfast for as low as RMB15/person.

The room had a Queen size bed with two bed side tables.

It had nothing fancy, but all the basic in clean and good condition.

Personally, I like the luggage place the most. With that, I did not have to bend down for stuffs in my luggage bag.

bathroom with amenities

Jin Jiang Inn