China: Another type of Sichuan pot

LianHua East Road(莲花东路), a well-known street in Chengdu for its authentic Szechuan cuisine restaurants.

I was overjoyed when the taxi driver told me that we were actually on the way to a local food street for dinner. Here is the post that brought me to LianHua East Road and another post that brought me to the yam and chicken pot restaurant.

The taxi stopped in front of ShuangLiu ZhongHeZhen Yam and Chicken Pot(双流中和镇芋儿香锅鸡). The restaurant was located at LianHua East Road(莲花东路), not ShuangLiu ZhongHeZhen(双流中和镇). The restaurant name, ShuangLiu ZhongHeZhen(双流中和镇) was another place. Do not get confused.

full of patrons

An old lady led me to a cooler with native chicken and I was supposed to pick a chicken for dinner. My goodness. She took out a chicken from the cooler, weighted the chicken and started to speak Sichuan Mandarin, a dialect of Southwestern Chinese which I could not understand at all. My best guess was she was trying to tell me that chicken was best at that size. :p Luckily the restaurant only served single dish, else I would have hard time ordering food. Since I like yam, I also ordered additional serving of yam for my chicken pot.

While waiting, a man came in with Areca nut.

yam and chicken pot arrived
It was not as spicy as you thought. ;)
The juicy chicken had very firm but tender texture. It did not taste too meaty so we ended up eating more. The yam and potatoes were even better, delicate and sweet in nature. Four of us finished 4 catty of chicken, plus many yam and potatoes. It was one of our best meal in Chengdu. Strongly recommended!

5 small plates of raw vegetables.
After we finished most of the food in the pot, the waitress will turn on the fire.

peanut milk

SNOW beer

I forgot the price. But this is what I get from the internet.

Chicken - RMB20/catty
Yam - RMB5/serving
Bamboo shoots - RMB8/serving(not recommended)

There would be one serving of yam in the pot. Extra serving would be charged at RMB5.

Other restaurants on the same street

After dinner, we took a taxi to Carrefour at ShuiNianHe Road(水碾河路), the nearest Carrefour from our hotel. Carrefour offered a wide variety of products, including local snacks. We had a great time shopping!

By the way, did you see the bamboo leaf green, ZhuYeQing(竹叶青) in the picture? ZhuYeQing is the name and also a brand for the green tea from Mt Emei. The name is given because its shape is similar to bamboo leaf with pointed ends. It is good and I wish I have bought more.

Bamboo Leaf Green branding

ShuangLiu ZhongHeZhen Yam and Chicken Pot 双流中和镇芋儿香锅鸡
LianHua East Road, Chengdu