China: A date with Giant Panda

Breakfast carts everywhere

Our breakfast - HuaXing Street Fried Egg Noodles(华兴街煎蛋面).

Their signature was noodle with fried egg in tomato soup, direct translation from Chinese Menu would be tomato fried egg noodle(番茄煎蛋面).

Plain dumpling with sweet sauce. We should have just stick with their signature noodles. :p

We ordered 2-tael noodles with 1 fried egg(2两1个蛋). It was a bowl of clear tomato soup with home-made noodles and fried egg. This was different from the one I had in Hong Kong. Hong Kong's version was more concentrated and sour.

Simple food that made my day!

Same row of HuaXing(right side afte coming out from Hua Xing), there was a Sichuan restaurant, PanSunShi(盘飧市) which was very famous for its stew food(卤味) and cold dish(凉拌菜).

Do not worry, we were not having a second breakfast. We were only taking away some stew food.


Good stuffs in life. :)

The destination for that very morning was Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding(成都大熊猫繁育研究基地). It was also our last visiting point in Chengdu. The taxi fare from the breakfast place was RMB40.

growing stages for panda

I thought it would be a very boring visit and we would end the trip earlier. But to my surprise, we ended up spending two hours, watching the pandas. The pandas were too cute.

the red panda

Panda says Hi

Panda Mama and panda babies

Panda Mama and two panda babies

Panda Mama and all her babies

panda sleeping posture I

panda posing

panda sleeping posture II back view

panda sleeping posture II side view

HuaXing Street Fried Egg Noodles 华兴街煎蛋面
4-6 Hua Xing Zheng Jie, JinJiang(near WangFuJing)

PanSunShi 盘飧市
62-64 Hua Xing Street,JingJiang锦江区华兴街62-64号

Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding 成都大熊猫繁育研究基地
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