China: The most authentic restaurant in Chengdu

Authenticity is the top priority I look for at the restaurants during a trip. Therefore when I read of this No 1 Flies Restaurant(第一苍蝇馆子)in Chengdu, I insisted that we had to try it even tough the instruction of getting to the restaurant was very unclear. The locals called simple food stalls which are less hygienic as "flies restaurants"(苍蝇馆子).

After Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding(成都大熊猫繁育研究基地), we took a taxi to CaoJia(曹家) wet market. The taxi dropped us at the temporary market(曹家巷临时过渡市场) entrance, which is next to the permanent market.

It was not difficult to find the sign leading to the MingTing restaurant(明婷饭店).

The first thing that came into my sight was the big menu with all the signature dishes.

I did not expect to see sterilized plate and cutlery in a "flies restaurant". So the condition was not that bad as I had imagined. ;)


Bacon wrapped in lotus leave(荷叶酱肉)
It was tad salty and oily.

Taufu with pig brain(豆腐脑花)
I only knew about pig brain when it was served. The dish name in Chinese did not suggest it, at least to me. The taste was not bad, but I still stopped after the 2nd piece. Not bad for a first time huh.

Kidney with spring onion(葱香腰花)
Carving kidney was fully covered by the spring onion. I saw every table has this dish, so I thought it would change my mind and make me fall in love with kidney. But it failed. I just could not accept the stinky taste at all.

Spicy Fish(呛香鱼)
This was the most favored dish of the meal, though it was a little bit oily.

Every one in the restaurant was eating happily, except our table. It was not a very satisfying meal to us, but at least we knew that this was the real Sichuan food.

If you would like to try this authentic local stall, go to
MingTing restaurant 明婷饭店
JinNiu CaoJia Wet Market(near Ma An Nan Lu)



Do they recycle that plastic wrap? ;)

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Good question. Hopefully not. :)