China: GuangZhou Part I

In 9 days, we covered Guang Zhou(广州), Shen Zhen(深圳),Zhu Hai(珠海) and Macau(澳门). I seldom do this(rushing few places in a short trip), but these four places(actually five, including Hong Kong) are well connected by all common modes of transport, making it so easy to travel between those cities.

It was late at night when we arrived at GuangZhou BaiYun International Airport(广州国际白云机场). We took the airport express route 5 to Dong Fang Hotel(东方宾馆), from there we took a taxi to our hotel at Changshou East Rd(长寿东路). The bus fare was RMB19 per person and the taxi fare was just RMB10 per taxi.

The airport shuttle was clean and comfortable, giving us a very good first impression.

The famous travel agent, ctrip(携程) had their advertisement in the shuttle.

Our first meal(or first supper) was at a small eatery in the alley next to our hotel.

It was a small noodles stall.

We tried different noodles at RMB4-RMB7. The noodles was mediocre, nothing special to note.

The hotel pictures were taken in the next morning. I was too tired on the first night.

Home Inn, our selected home for this trip, had an extensive hotel network in China. It promised the same level of lodging comfort throughout the whole China. Above picture was HomeInn ShangXiaJiu 2 branch(上下九二店) at ChangShou East Rd(长寿东路) where we had stayed for 3 nights. My mum gave this hotel very high mark simply because each room had a water dispenser. So, we did not have to worry for drinking water supply when we were in GuangZhou.

Tips: Home Inn was a budget hotel and their best double room in GuangDong(广东) area was priced reasonably ~RMB200. Home Inn membership card could be applied at any Home Inn reception upon check-in at RMB40 which allow a 8% discount, up to 3 rooms per card.

hotel reception

hotel lobby

my room

table in the hotel room

separated shower area

The famous JianJi Noodle Shop(坚记面记) was located right opposite our hotel. However our to-eat list was way too long that we had to let go this shop.

After a good night's sleep, we were all set for a full day tour. We walked to our breakfast place which was few streets away.

old GuangZhou building

You would laugh if you could understand Cantonese. It said "甜到流", literally means sweet until overflow.

Another one said,"好鬼甜", an exegerating way to describe sweetness.

We stopped by a mobile agent to get a prepaid card.

We could see the long queue from far. XinLianChang Noodle Shop(新联肠粉店) had the best steamed rice roll in GuangZhou.

Look at the queue! It was self service, where the guests had to queue for the food.

price list

The front counter was serving the steamed rice roll and the counter at the back was serving the porridge.

Chinese crullers

steamed rice roll with beef(牛肉肠)

porridge with Chinese cruller

XinLianChang(新联肠) served good breakfast. The only drawback perhaps was the limited tables in the shop. There was also lack of big tables, therefore 6 of us had to split into two tables.

After breakfast, we took a taxi to The Museum of The Mausoleum of the NanYue King(西汉南越王博物馆).

Ticket was sold at RMB12

the ticket

Could you see that there was a soldier standing at the entrance? Was he paid to stand there for the whole day?

GuangZhou government was so thoughtful that they had the booklet in most of the main languages.

There was an exhibition for SanXingDui(三星堆), a Chinese Culture(2050-1250 BCE) discovered in Nanxing Township. Read more about SanXingDui

The museum was a three-storey building, built at the tomb site of NanYue king.

At the back of the museum building, it was the original tomb site of the King of Southern Yue.

This diagram showed the position of the 15 human sacrifices in the tomb.They were buried alive with him to serve him in death. I did not want to show the photos of the bones and skulls. :)

A GuangZhou MTR map would come handy for those who plan to travel to GuangZhou.

GZ MTR English Map

GZ MTR Chinese Map

Guess where did we go next with GuangZhou MTR?

HomeInn Shangxiajiu 2 branch 如家上下九二店
322,Changshou East Rd, GuangZhou
Tel: 020-28350288
Visit HomeInn

Xin Lian Chang Noodle Shop 新联肠粉店
88, Duo Bao Lu, GuangZhou

The Museum of The Mausoleum of the NanYue King 西汉南越王博物馆
867, Jiefang Bei Lu,Guangzhou
09:00-17:50(No admission after 16:45)

GuangZhou MTR 广州地铁



Hi, Can I know how do you book the accommodation for home inn? The website is not user friendly and unable to register.

soo sean

You can call and make booking directly. This is what I did. If you don't speak Mandarin, get a friend who can help.
Have a nice trip!

**Pei Yin**

Oic. Thanks for information. Thanks for sharing too, your blog very useful for me because I can't read mandarin, so very difficult to find information :)

soo sean

No problem. Glad that it helps you.
That is what one of my objective - blog the chinese places in English for those that dont read chinese. :-)