China: ZhuHai Part I

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In less than one hour, we were transfered from ShenZhen's SheKou port(蛇口) to ZhuHai's JiuZhou port(九州港).

ZhuHai had no MRT but there was well-organised and sistematic public bus system. During our stay, we found no problem using their public bus at all. We reached HomeInn Jida Branch II(珠海吉大二店) and found their rooms to be the newest compare to other HomeInn hotels that we have stayed.

Our hotel was within walking distance from Zhuhai Department Store(珠海百货广场)and Zhuhai MianShui Shopping Centre(珠海免税商场).

When we saw Zkungfu(真功夫) at Zhuhai MianShui Shopping Centre, we went in for a late lunch.

Zkungfu was a franchise restaurant serving Chinese steamed fast food. Their concept, especially the set menu in display was pretty similar to McDonald.

Each set had a meat dish of your choice and came with a small plate of blanched vegetables, a small bowl of soup and one serving of white rice. We also ordered the add-on steamed egg. I do not usually fancy franchise restaurants but this restaurant had passed my standard.

roadside sweet potatoes stall

After lunch, we visited The New Yuan Ming Palace(圆明新园). The ticket was bought in GuangZhou(read more).

The Old Summer Palace(Yuan Ming Yuan) was once a great architectural building in Beijing, but unfortunately it was robbed and burnt down in 1860. Later, a reproduction of the imperial Yuanming Palace was built in ZhuHai.

the palace hall

one corner of the palace

An entertaining show

As usual, there were 2 grand performances at night.
performace 1

performance 2

It was 9pm when we reached our hotel's area and we could not find any restaurants for a late dinner. So we settled with this Hong Kong style dessert shop.

We ordered some desserts and they were just mediocre.

On the way back to hotel, we found this delicious Chinese baked flatbread(烧饼).

Tomorrow, we were going to have very delicious dim sum for breakfast. Stay tune!

ZhuHai's JiuZhou port
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ZhuHai's public bus
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Zkungfu 真功夫
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The New Yuan Ming Palace 圆明新园
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