Macau: More than a 4 Star Hotel

After much consideration, I booked Pousada de Mong Ha for 3 nights. Pousada was located half way up Mong Ha hill. Since there were many slopes in Macau, Pousada slope was nothing at all. Okok, to be honest, it took me 5 minutes to walk up to Pousada de Mong Ha. But, this little walk was well compensated with the good service provided by Pousada de Mong Ha.

The Pousada was elegantly decorated with Portuguese designs. The most classic design was the use of Portuguese tiles(ceramic tiles with patterns) at every corners of the building.

outside of the Pousada(note the Portuguese tiles on the wall)

Portuguese tiles again

free travel leaflets at the lobby

sofa set at the lobby

chairs at the corridor

The room wasn't fancy, but nothing was missing. There were tv, minibar, reading desk and chair, bed and bedside tables, wardrobe, safety box and not to forget, toilet . The photos shown was a single room.


a Queen size bed

massage shower jet

corner of the toilet

The Pousada also provided two small bottles of mineral water free of charge daily. Some of the hotels only provide it on the first day of your arrival. Then, I found a mini dim sum basket with a welcome message on the reading desk. Oh my goodness! There were two huge almond cookies inside, butter and chocolate flavours. They tasted like home made cookies. Too bad that there were only two pieces. That was not the end of the story yet. There was another voucher on the table, saying that I could redeem a glass of welcome drink any day within my stay from 3pm-6pm. But, I forgot to redeem it throughout my 3-day stay. Sob!

complimentary mineral water

lovely welcoming gift


The room came with free buffet breakfast and it was superb. The most surprising was ALL the food and drink served in the breakfast buffet was fresh and delicious. In Pousada, attention was given to all tiny details. Thumbs up! By the way, I forgot to mention that the Pousada was a training institute run entirely by the students. But the students were so friendly, helpful and caring until I felt like it was a 5 star hotel. No joke!

The chef was standing at the egg station, ready to serve.

The bakery corner had croissant, bread, muffin and etc.
I liked the muffin so much that I had it everyday.

The coffee and tea corner
I was rather surprised that they had the fully automatic coffee machine.
It brewed fresh coffee from bean to cup at a touch of button, definitely a bonus for coffee lovers.

porridge, cereal and cold drink

Breakfast plate

look at the cheese!

cereal with fresh milk

coffee and orange juice

The last morning before I checked out, I walked further up to the Mong Ha hill. There was a small public park where I saw a lot of old people having their exercises.

After checked out, I took the hotel van to Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal. The hotel also provides free shuttle to certain routes daily. This Pousada was not only great value for money, but definitely more than that. It will definitely be my first choice again if I ever come to Macau again.

Pousada de Mong Ha 望厦宾馆
Colina de Mong Ha, Macao, China
Tel: (853) 2851 5222



May I know how much is the room rate per night?

soo sean

Hi, welcome to my blog. Come more often, ok? As usual, please use a nick in future so that I can differentiate all the anonymous. ;)

You can check the rate at their website. Link is provided in the post. However for the single room that I stayed(stayed 2 person), it was MOP$500 for normal day.


Hi, I was told by your colleague (KK) about your blog. A nice Macau+HongKong trip blogging :-)

Actually I will go to Macau+HongKong in Feb next year. I am planning my itinerary now. I got your itinerary from KK. I may need to ask you more about the details in the future.

Cheers. :-)

soo sean

Hi B.E, I am glad that my blog is going to help you. Come more often. Comments/Questions are welcomed.

Feb is a good time to travel to Hong Kong as the weather is good. Wish you a memorable and happy trip in advance. :)


Hey your hotel is really nice eh? :) I will take note and probably go there if I go to HK next time. ;)

soo sean

Macau hotel is pretty expensive. I am satisfied with the service for the rate paid. :)


Hi,really enjoyed reading your blog. will visit more often for future trips. You write very well with clear illustrations. You will go very far...Congrats again.

soo sean

Hi larling, glad to hear from you again. You know, it is great to hear feedbacks or comments or even just say hi from reader. I will be the planner that do all the homeworks for most of the trip. So, I think it would be great to share the information with more people, and that is the reason for this blog.