Macau: Portuguese Tart to Die For

Many years ago when I was still in secondary school, it came out in the newspaper that hundreds of hong kong people queue daily outside the bakery just for the Portuguese Egg Tart. I couldn't understand how they could be so crazy. But I was going to reveal the mystery soon. ;)


It was quite a journey.

The bus started from the northern of peninsula macau, entered Taipa and finally dropped me at Coloane Town. The town was very different from Peninsula Macau, the ambience was very quiet and relaxing.

I spotted Lord Stow's Bakery(安德魯餅店) opposite the bus stop.

Big crowd enjoying their portuguese egg tart proved that it couldn't be wrong.

I moved forward to get my portuguese egg tart.

My portuguese egg tart and iced milk tea.
Portuguese egg tart & Milk Tea MOP$25

The inventor of Portuguese-style egg tart, Lord Stow added some classic English touches to the Portuguese dessert, Pasteis de Nata and turned it into the famous Macau Portuguese Egg Tart.

The big difference in portuguese tart compare to other egg tarts was there were brown spots on top. In the final stage, the egg tart was topped with thin layer of syrup and was baked until it was caramelized, resulting the brown spots with nutty flavor.

When we were about to leave, we noted a Lord Stow's Cafe nearby. Option to have the Lord Stow's tart in a more comfortable environment?

After we had visited Taipa and was back to Senado Square, we tried another version at Margaret’s Café e Nata (瑪嘉烈餅店). It was said that after Margaret divorced with Lord Stow's, she opened Margaret's Café e Nata in Peninsula Macau.

She was doing good as well.

Margerat's tart had the similar crispy buttery pastry and creamy filling. But, I would think it was too sweet. I would prefer Lord Stow's Bakery. You?

Lord Stow's Bakery 安德魯餅店
1 Rua da Tassara, Coloane Town Square
Coloane Island, Macau
Tel: (835) 2888 2534
7am-10pm daily except Wed 7am-6pm

Margaret’s Café e Nata 瑪嘉烈餅店
Edifício Kam Loi, Nam Van, Macau
Tel: (835) 2871 0032
6:30am-10pm Closed on Wed



Around RM12.50 for an egg tart and milk tea ... quite expensive eh?

soo sean

Egg Tart is around MOP$6, so that milk tea should be MOP$19, about RM9. Quite expensive right? But that is the milk tea price in Macau and Hong Kong. Notice their drink is more expensive than the food sometimes.