YTL Cameron Highlands Resort: Lunch and Dinner

Lunch @ Jim Thompson Tea Room

It was the same place where we had our afternoon tea. We opted to sit at the sofa area again because we could place Phin Zhe at the sofa. As for as I could remember, all the dishes were delicious, especially the lobster bisque and wahyu beef burger. Overall a very relaxing and satisfying meal.

 lobster bisque and prawn salad as starter
 wahyu beef burger
 can't remember this dish. lol.
 tiramisu and espresso
apple butterscotch crumble with vanilla ice cream 
Dinner @ Gonbei restaurant
For residents' package, you will be served a plate of mixed tepanyaki. Appetizers and desserts are buffet style. There was no other customers that night, not at all! So we basically had the whole restaurant to ourselves.

 semi alfresco
 happy boy
 daddy fed Phin Zhe while I went to get some appetizers
 sushi plate
 mixed teppanyaki turned out mediocre
 I "made" this triple chocolate indulgence for him. :p
Dinner @ The dining room

It was the best meal we had at Cameron Highlands Resort. Not only the food was awesome, we were so lucky that Phin Zhe fell asleep after the waiter served the first dish. We combined two of the dining chairs, covered him with jacket and he slept there throughout meal. So it was one of the rare occasion where we could slowly enjoyed a 3 course fine dinner. ;-)

 warm, soft and fluffy dinner buns
appetizer - forgot what is in the pie again. arrrh. 
 appetizer - dancing prawn
 main - wahyu beef cheeks and lamb rump
main - roast beef wellington
dessert - brownie and ice cream
Daddy requested to have an repeat order of tiramisu and espresso. Yes, he is a chocolate, coffee lovers.