from Hobart to Richmond to Swansea to Bicheno

Good morning Hobart!

Salamanca market is one of Hobart's top attraction that is held on Saturday between 8.30am to 3pm, so make sure you arrange a Saturday in Hobart. We woke up feeling fresh and reached there before 9pm, got a nearby parking and the weather was just nice, not too cold and not too hot.

The first stall that got our attention was this organic wood-fired pizza. Before I ordered, I did talk to the owner to confirm that the ingredients are safe for Phin Zhe.

wood-fired pizza

We only bought one piece for sharing as we wanted to try a little bit of everything. For this trip, I prepared breakfast everyday in the hotel, so this is considered a second breakfast. That is why after this trip all of us, including Phin Zhe put on weight. :p

a popular stall

tasty fudge, with free tasting

tasmanian honey

bratwurst stall

unhealthy but yummy!

flowers smell good!

Organic stalls where I picked up some cooking ingredients for the next few days

Tasmania is also known as apple isle. So we were not surprised to find a wide range of apple species, 10 types and they were organic!

William Smith's organic cider is also a must try!

Smith's stall had Tasmanian national dish, scallop pie.

curried scallop pie

little fellow was so excited with the bear collection.

I need a lot of will power to stop myself from buying a pair of UGG boots ;)

We had enjoyed spending a sunny Saturday morning strolling through all the fresh and gourmet produce, arts, crafts and other interesting stalls in Salamanca market. Therefore I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is going to visit Hobart.

a cup of Villino's coffee for the road trip to Bicheno

On the way to Bicheno, please remember to stop by Richmond Bakery. They have the best scallop pie in Tasmania. Okay, I have not tried all the scallop pies in Tasmania. So if it is not the best, it will be in the top list too.

inside  Richmond Bakery

lemon tart

The scallop pie was heavenly good! 5-6 fresh and large scallops with magnificent, creamy mild curry sauce were added into the delicate pastry and then baked to perfection. In my humble opinion, it was better than the one we had at Salamanca market.

Richmond bridge

interesting hotel and restaurant building

mailboxes at the main road

We stopped by The Ugly Duck, Bicheno for a quick lunch. It had mixed reviews in amazon, but it met our expectation. Phin Zhe loved their fruit smoothie which I forgot to take a picture of. The owner told me that she uses non pesticide local produce(most of them from their own garden). Before we left she showed us their garden and gave me some herbs(they went into the oven together with my lamb steak that night).

pasta with pesto

wallaby vindaloo with organic basmati rice and pappadam

the cafe at Kates Berry Farm overlooking beautiful views

Next pit stop was Kates Berry Farm. Oh no! We had been eating non stop the whole day. But then we still ordered a scone set and a latte.  :-)

the cafe

tried the jam and bought mingleberry jam

our afternoon tea 

love his smile!

That night, we checked into our fully equipped cabin at Bicheno at the Bay.

It had a full kitchen with oven and a washing machine!

our bed

we had a lovely walk outside the cabin before our dinner

Smith's apple cider to end the dinner ;)

Salamanca Market
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William Smith and Sons
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Villino Cafe
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Richmond Bakery and Cafe

The Ugly Duck
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Kates Berry Farm
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Bicheno by the bay
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