Long journey to Launceston!

This day, we drove about 300km from Strahan to Launceston. It was snowing at Cradle Mountain area. We did not expect to see snow for this trip! We were so lucky that it wasn't snowing when we were at Cradle few days ago, else the temperature would be even lower. We stopped the car and let Phin Zhe experience the snow dropped on his hands. :)

But then at 90km away from Cradle Mountain, the weather was great! We stopped at Elizabeth town cafe for lunch. Since they were selling Ashgrove cheese, we skipped the original plan to visit the cheese factory.


Then we went to 41'c salmon and ginseng cheese farm. Don't forget to buy the ginseng spice from them. Good with almost everything on the plate!

nice scenery

salmon pond

feeding session

can u see the salmon fish in the picture?

We also dropped by Melita Honey Farm @ Deloraine. Unfortunately it was not opened that day.

Finally, we reached Forest Road Apartment at Launceston, which we rated the best stay for this Aussie trip.

getting the house key with the code provided in email

It was a 2 room apartment with a big living hall and a full kitchen.

On the kitchen top, there are travel notes,welcome note, welcome truffle, farm eggs from the garden, food for rabbits and hens. The truffle was nice, we found it at Davies Grand Central the next day.

This was the bedroom. Another room has a full height cabinet with toys!

This was why we were given rabbit and hen's food. Phin Zhe enjoyed feeding them very much.

At night after dinner, Phin Zhe enjoyed blueberries as his dessert while

we adults, have Valhalla ice cream, blackberry cheesecake flavor.