Launceston: Cataract Gorge and Bay of Fires Wines

After a good night's sleep, I woke up and prepared some simple breakfast for everyone. It was a nice experience cooking in such a beautiful kitchen. When I was cooking, Phin Zhe did not disturb me. There were so many things to keep him occupied. Daddy continued to sleep until breakfast was ready. Seriously we could not find a single claw at this apartment. :)

view from Forest Road Apartment
Sticker time

It was our last day in Tasmania. The next day we would fly back to Melbourne. We made it a very relaxing day which we would only visit two places, Cataract Gorge and a winery. Before that, we went to get some Tinnies Pies. Well, reviews were good in tripadvisor. But our votes still went to Richmond Bakery.

Tinnies Pies


Cataract Gorge, a piece of natural wilderness, only 15 minutes drive from Launceston city. We spent the whole morning in Cataract Gorge.

peacocks everywhere

taking picture with peacock

Chair lift

having fun with other kids

Playground Slide

spotted a mummy kangaroo with her baby kangaroo

posing with kangaroo
After lunch, we went to Bays of Fires. Even though we purchased few bottles from them, but we were not very happy with the services. We might not have visited enough winery, but this was the first time we had to reuse the same glass for wine tasting. :(


inside the winery
Back in the apartment, Phin Zhe had his favorite activity again. Feeding the hens were easy, but not the rabbits. The rabbits were hiding most of the time. Thanks to the friendly owner, Jo. She found us the rabbit and captured a lovely family photo for us.

feeding hens

feeding rabbit
After dinner, i followed the recipe card on the fridge, took out the ingredients provided in the apartment and baked 3 delicious muffins for tomorrow breakfast. The only disappointment we had was we could not have stayed longer in this apartment.

cranberries muffins

Forest Road Aparment
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Cataract Gorge
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Bay of Fires Wines
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David Grand Central
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Note: Great place for grocery shopping and picking up Tasmanian produce