Sg: Day1-1 Maxwell Food Centre 麦士威美食中心

I was in Singapore for the past few days. Well, it is a short trip but good enough to refresh my memory. I was told that Singapore had been raining continuosly the few days before my arrival and it rained the day right after I left, but not even a drop during my visit. I am so lucky!

After checking in Swissohotel The Stamford, I started my day from Tanjung Pagar(丹戎巴葛).

After the white house and red dot traffic, I reached the famous Maxwell Food Centre(麦士威美食中心) in china town(牛车水).

Saw long queue at the Zhen Zhen Porridge which I once had my breakfast. In my humble opinion, the fish porridge is not very outstanding. But the porridge, selling at Sgd2.50 is value for money as the fish meat is in every bite. And one must not miss the yu shang(chinese shashimi fish slices) here. You don't normally see yu shang in malaysia hawkler food. Here are the fish porridge and yu shang photos, managed to find the 2 years old photos from my hard disk. :)

silky smooth fish porridge

yu shang topped generously with spring onion, fried onion and sesame

But this time I am going to try something new. This Hup Kee Ngor Hiang has won a lot of rewards and recommendations. In Singapore, the numbers of hanging newspaper, certificates and photos will tell you how famous a shop is.

A plate of pink sausage, liver roll and egg slice. Liver! I didn't know it is a liver roll until I visited their website when i am back in Malaysia. How can they make it? It doesn't taste like liver at all. I personally like the egg slice the most.

Bought a fresh sugar cane drink before I left the food centre

Must be a famous chinese temple in China town

Old building with tall new building at the back

Look at the size of writing brush

A hindu temple in chinatown

The famous Lim Chee Guan Bak Kwa Shop

When I reached People's Park(珍珠坊), I am a bit tired and decided to go for Katong Laksa.

Maxwell Food Centre @ Maxwell Road
MRT Station: Tanjung Pagar
Hup Kee Ngor Hiang
Zhen Zhen Porridge



If the porridge is really just RM2.50(~S$1.10), then sure laku ler =) If its that cheap, not sure what kind of rice he's using ~o~

shih nyien

I think is $2.50 not RM :p
I like the 擂茶 here and 算盘子,hehe Hakka dishes. Wantan mee here is the best (that I have eaten) in Singapore :D

shih nyien

Forgot to tell you. The temple is 佛牙寺,famous in Singapore,those gold used to build the temple and the buddha statue are donated by public.

soo sean

dash, shih nyien: Thanks for pointing out the mistake.
It is sgd2.50, not RM.
Have corrected it.

shih nyien: thanks for the temple info. I think there is still a lot of good food for me to try out in Sg. Next trip, you have to be my food guide.


cool site....

thanks for showing pictures of Singapore places



will look at your blog for places to visit if I get to travel around the world...thanks :)

soo sean

Hi Travel,

Thanks. I assume you are staying in Sg? Sg is a nice place, hope will travel to Sg again.