HK: Airport Terminal 2

I always thought that airport food was very expensive, therefore I was rather surprised when I figured out that Hong Kong airport served cheap and quality food. My return flight was on early morning. So I went straight to terminal 2 for breakfast, knowing that terminal 2 has more choices.

restaurants available at terminal 2

maxim deluxe

There was a Honolulu Cafe(檀島咖啡餅店) too.

I started with egg tart and coffee. It was same price as Wan Chai shop.

Then, I spotted Chao Inn Dim Sum(潮樓点心).

They were having promotion too. So, we grabbed the last opportunity to have another round of Hong Kong dim sum. :)

Click to read the enlarged dim sum menu

Steamed beef balls(山竹牛肉球)

Steamed spare rib with Pu Ning Sauce(普宁蒸排骨)

Combo of Shrimp Dumplings and Spinach Dumplings(虾饺拼菠菜饺)

Later, I noticed that the two hong kong guys on the same table had ordered repeated set of crispy yam sesame dumpling(芋茸尖堆仔)and ginger chicken bun(姜汁鸡仔包). So, I asked the waitress if these were their signature dishes. The waitress then showed me this small piece of paper on the table. These two dishes were at promotion price HK$5 from 7am-9am. It was 9.05am and I missed it.

the smart hong kong people

Hong Kong Airport