Phuket Day 2: Thai Food & Thai Massage

16:00 Reached hotel and took an evening nap

17:15 Walked to Jungcelyon Mall(N 07 53.683’ E 098 17.959’) and shopped in Carrefour

this was where the musical fountain played at night

Thai version of Lay's, very cheap, 28B. There were more than 10 flavours and I only managed to try 5 flavours.

18:15 Had dinner at Song Pee Nong(N07 53.352 E098 17.672)

This was a recommended restaurant by Taiwanese tourists in the web. If not, I would not came so far just for a dinner(850m from the PopPa Palace hotel). I ordered Tom Yam Kung(Kung=Prawn), Kaeng Khiao Wai Gai(Green Curry Chicken) and Khao Pad Sapparod(Pineapple Fried Rice) as recommended in the web. I was a bit greedy, so I also ordered Tod Man Kung(Fried Shrimp Cake). The dishes arrived shortly. I noticed that we never have to wait in Phuket restaurants. The food always arrive before I could settle down. The food was not bad for Pa Tong standard. If I did not try the restaurant outside Pa Tong, I would had given higher score for this restaurant.

Song Pee Nong and seafood

click to enlarge menu

whole table of thai food

Clockwise from left: Tod Man Kung(100B);Kaeng Khiao Wan Kai(100B); Khao Pad Sapparod(100B); Tom Yum Kung(120B)

19:15 Strolled around Pa Tong

The top two photos were taken at Patong Otop Shopping Paradise. It was the biggest market in Pa Tong which had stalls for bikini, foot wear, handicraft, clothes and so on. You could also find a number of beer bars when your legs requested for a break. If you could not get what you want here, I bet you could not find it elsewhere in Pa Tong.

The third photo was a jeep for rent. I saw few of this along Pa Tong beach. Actually we were looking for car rental, preferably a Honda Jazz since we arrived Phuket. However, we did not see any. Or we have overlooked it. I did not book online earlier, as I want some flexibility in my schedule. I am worried that our island trip might be postponed due to bad weather. More on that later when I blog about Day 4.

The last one was a very famous spa in Pa Tong,
Let's Relax. Many rated it as the best massage in Pa Tong, or even Phuket. I managed to look out for a discount voucher somewhere in the web and printed it out. However, the voucher was sitting in my bag for the whole trip and followed me back to Malaysia. If anyone printed out the voucher from my blog and verified that it works, please come back and tell me, ok?


various street food

21:00 Thai massage opposite PopPa Palace hotel and alcohol drinks from 7-11

The photos of this thai massage was taken the next morning as I did not bring my camera along. This thai massage was right opposite PopPa Palace. I could crawl to my room and sleep right after the massage and I actually did so. We opted for one hour thai massage(300B) and it was so good. Maybe I was too tired, I was in half awake and half sleep mode when the masseuse worked on my body.

Clockwise from left: massage shop entrance; shop decoration; bed for thai massage; chair for foot massage

Click to enlarge the price list

We dropped by 7-11 before the thai massage, for some drinks.

alcohol drinks for adult

black soya milk and soy milk for underage. ;)
I did try the soy milk in glass bottle few days later.
It was good and cheap, about 15B.

Of course, we bought the adult drinks. :p
SPY in red(35B) and Bacardi Breezer Tropical Orange(55B).

22:00 Good night

Map of the day



Let's Relax 我去那边问了,拿这个coupon去是有10%折扣的。一张给一个人。


soo sean

Hi Han Meng,
谢谢你的资料,听说Let's Relax是Phuket里数一数二的,喜欢按摩的朋友不妨试试。