China: Foot Bath

Chengdu flight was early in the morning. So, we drove back to my hometown, Ipoh from Penang the night before. Then , we took the 3am Yoyo bus to airport, followed by 5-hour flight to Chengdu. I am explaining this because I need a reason for below itinerary. We definitely need it to melt away all signs of stress and tiredness due to the long haul journey, don't we? ;)

We went to one of the Chong Qing Fu Qiao(富侨保健草堂), near to Du Fu's cottage(杜甫草堂). Taxi fare from our hotel area to the shop was RMB16.

the waiting area

I would think it looked more like a hotel or restaurant than a massage place.

The massage place was heavily renovated.

I apologized for the blurred price list. We opted for the 110 minutes foot bath at RMB70(RMB78 was VIP room's price). The package included cupping therapy(拔罐) or scraping therapy(刮痧),fruit and drink. You have not heard me wrong. Everything was included in RMB70. It was definitely a steal!

This was the room for us. The VIP room had an attached toilet.

No picture for the massage. We had foot bath, followed by body massage by the masseur or masseuse. Even though the service was named foot bath, the massage included foot, neck, back, hands and legs. Everyone had enjoying themselves, some even dozed off. ;) After the massage, we were treated cupping therapy. It was my first cupping therapy experience.

The next day, we found out that there was another branch right opposite our hotel. It was so convenient that we went there for the next few nights even though Du Fu's cottage branch had a slightly better environment.

富侨保健草堂 Chong Qing Fu Qiao
43 Qing Hua Lu