The REAL Pad Thai

Pad Thai, thai version of stir-fried flat rice noodles, is a common dish in Thailand, so I have tried it many times in different cities of Thailand. Unfortunately I still prefer Char Kway Teow, a Malaysian and Singapore version of stir-fried flat noodles. But the recent visit to Thip Sa Mai Restaurant had changed my perception towards Pad Thai. Pad Thai never tasted so good!

Thip Sa Mai since 1966
Before going to Pai Spa, we had decided to go for Pad Thai supper. It was drizzling when we came out from the massage shop. But I am a foodie, a serious foodie. So we got into a taxi. This restaurant is very near to Khao San Road, I remember the taxi fare was like 40B and the traveling time was no more than 10 minutes. The restaurant was not as packed as I had seen in the web pictures, perhaps due to the rain.

Chili flakes,  crushed peanuts and etc

I would advise you not to order this bottled orange juice. It was over-priced at 150B and nothing special. It was also too sweet to my liking!

We were given a separate plate of fresh and crunchy spring onion and bean sprout. I like to add extra bean sprout and spring onion to my noodles.

Thai-sytle fried vermicelli with shrimp edible oil, shrimp and egg, 60B
At first, we thought of sharing a plate as it was meant to be supper. Therefore we ordered the luxury version with big shrimp. But soon, we figured out that it was not enough because it was too good. The combination was great, with eggs, tofu, big shrimp, cooked bean sprout and cooked spring onion, garnished with crushed peanuts and coriander. We also tried to add chili flakes, lime juice, raw bean sprout and raw spring onion, it tasted good too! Every bite was a joy!

We ordered another plate of Thai style fried vermicelli with eggs, 30B. Gosh! It was as good too! All the ingredients was perfect match, giving a nice balance in each bite.

If you would like to try Thip Sa Mai, go to
313, Mahachai Road, Samranrat, Pranakorn, Bangkok 10200.
(662) 221 6280
Opens from 18:00-24:00