Zanotti Italy Restaurant Bangkok

Besides Thai cuisine, Bangkok is also very famous for its International cuisine. Therefore, I had decided to pick one out of so many famous restaurants. After doing some research, my target was out - Zanotti Italy, a restaurant that won the award of Bangkok top 3 restaurant for many consecutive years! I was told that most of the fresh ingredients used are flown in from Italy twice a week to ensure that the dishes are authentic!

We called earlier to make a lunch booking. If you were budget traveler like us who wish to save the pocket but at the same time wanted to try good food, always go for lunch as it is normally cheaper. And for Zanotti, they offer 3-course weekday set lunch for 330Baht.

The complimentary plate of breads arrived when we were still browsing our menu. The breads were so good with the extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar, or even on its own.

After we made our order, amuse bouche arrived, in this case bruschettas with tomatoes. There were actually two, but one was stolen. ;)
In case you want to know, amuse bouche is bited-sized food served in fine-dining restaurant at the beginning of a meal. It is not appetizer, amuse bouche is free and can not be selected from menu.

Appetizer - I forgot the actual name, but it was baked eggplant with cheese.

Entree - Fresh Baked Sea Bass with fresh tomato, olives and Italian basil

This was from the ala-carte menu, Pizza Al Prosciutto Crudo Di Parma. Many had raved about this simple thin crust pizza dish with just tomota puree, parma ham and mozzarella cheese, and now I had to agree with them. This pizza would surprise and satisfy even the most persnickety pizza fan. Priced at 650Baht, this pizza worth every single penny paid. If you do not plan to dine in, you can call and check if you can take away this pizza. Definitely worth the effort.

dessert - forgot the name again, pastry with chocolates. Sorry for the blurr photo and no menu, as I found out that I was not supposed to take pictures in the restaurant later. :p

The total bill for two include drink was about 1300Baht. We left the restaurant happily. Oh yes, casual smart dress code required for Zanotti.

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