NZ D2: Rotorua, Taupo and Napier

Hightlight of the Day:
1. A must visit in Rotorua, Waiotapu
2. A must visit in Taupo, Huka Fall
3. A must do in New Zealand, Bungy Jump
4. First Fish and Chip in New Zealand, Hawkes Bay Seafood

Dairy cows


Did you know that less than five percent of New Zealand's population is human, the rest are animals? With the highest ratio of animals to humans in the worlds, we met animals more than humans for this trip. :)

It was a misty morning when we visited Waiotapu. We had discount voucher which entitled a 10% discount for the admission ticket(original fee was NZ$32.50).

Waiotapu has 3 attractions, the thermal park, lady knox geyser and mud pool. Since the lady knox geyser errupts daily at 10.15am, we started off with the thermal park first. Last would be mud pool.

the most photographed champagne pool

natural green colored pool

At 10am, there was already big crowd at the Lady Knox Geyser. Everyone was holding their cameras and waiting to take pictures of the eruptions.

By dropping a surfactant into the opening of the vent, the eruptions produced a jet of water reaching up high. We quickly took pictures of the eruptions and pictures of us with the eruptions. Then only we figured out that the eruptions could last very long, for about an hour or more.

The blue sky provided the absolute holiday mood!

The last point before we left was the mud pool.

bubbling hot mud pool

Then, we continued our journey to Taupo, stopped by Huka Honey Hive for souvenior shopping.

many choices for New Zealand products

Next was the famous Huka Fall which could be found in many New Zealand postcards.

signing a waiver before the jump
In Taupo, he also went for the Taupo Bungy Jump at a cost of NZ$123.

47 high metres cantilevel platform

123, jump!

There was an option of water touch, either hand touch or full body submersion, as they would weigh and do the calculation before the jump.

After the jump, we went to Piccolo, which was highly recommended somewhere in the web.

zucchini wedge with sides

lemon slice

cappucino with cinnamon

The quaint and captivating interior of the restaurant creates a warm ambience that complemented the food. The lunch bill was reasonable, NZ$20 for the above orders.

Then, it was another 2 hours road trip to the next city, Napier. Our pre-booked accommodation, The Green House on the Hill was a pleasant surprise, and that marked our first and only bed and breakfast experience in New Zealand(read more about the stay here).

We picked Hawkes Bay Seafood which was located at the corner of Pandora Road and Ahuriri Quay for dinner.

Nice view with sunset while we had an al fresco dinner.

Hawkes Bay Seafood served a wide variety of selection from the sea. We picked the fresh seafood and they cooked the way we wanted it to be.

They had the seasonal Bluff oysters in their menu too. But we were not going to order them. In fact, we would be traveling all the way to the South and get the freshest Bluff oysters. :)

Gurnard fillets and Tarakihi fillets NZ$7
In New Zealand, it is not just Fish and Chip. More than that. It is what fish you want for your Fish and Chip. :) The tomato sauce and mayonaise sauce were charged at NZ$0.50 each. And as usual they did not have chili sauce like what we have in Malaysia.

We also tried Kina which we did not able to finish it. It had a very weird taste. I thought Kina is same as Sea Urchin, but later I found out that they are not the same species. We just wasted NZ$14.90 and did not know how to appreciate it. :(

Another day ended. How fast.

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Huka Fall
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