HK: Australian Dairy Company at Jordan

A day trip to Lantau island. But before that, we had to fill our stomach first. With hong kong most popular public transport MTR, we were able to reach Jordan station, which was one station from Mong Kok station in very short time. And, I was so glad that the cafe was not far from C2 exit. It only took us around 15 minutes from the hostel room in Mong Kok to the entrance of Australian Dairy Company.

the entrance

Even though it had already passed 9, but the cafe was still packed with throngs of people. We had no choice but to share table with others. This was very common in Hong Kong, in Cantonese it's called 'tap toi'(搭枱). Again, the menu was extensive. Luckily I had done all the homeworks. So I made my order directly. The performance of the waiters and waitresses were really impressive. From leading us to the seat, taking order to serving meal, it was less than 5 minutes. Super fast! By the time we were finished, we had to leave because there would be other people waiting for our seats. If you want a more relaxing or longer breakfast, this might not be a good choice. However, I was curious with the best Hong Kong scrambled egg that they served. How good could scrambled egg be? But, can you imagine how famous was this Australian Dairy Company. This cafe had been rated as the top 10 restaurants 7 times this year by Open Rice. They even have an Appreciation Socienty in Facebook with 7956 members(as of this post was blogged). I didn't read all the comments, but one of the member said," I can eat their scrambled egg for the rest of my life!" Exegerating...

the waiters were placing orders for the customers

Enlarge to read the menu

I like their steamed milk with egg white(蛋白炖牛奶) at HK$18. Highly recommended!

Hot coffee to kick start the day. HK$14.

We saw a lot of people ordering this ham macaroni(火腿通粉). Not bad, but I still prefer the scrambled egg with toast.

Finally, I tried the legendary scrambled egg with toast(炒 蛋 多 士) at HK$18. Smooth, fragrant and most important, the egg was not overcooked. I could still remember that I was hesitated to order another set.

Australian Milk Company 澳洲牛奶公司
47-49 Parkes Street, Jordan 佐敦白加士街47號地下
Tel: 2730 1356
Jordan Map