HK: Mong Kok Supper

Since we had to walk a lot in hong kong, hence we got hungry easily. When we passed by this Ocean Empire Congee Shop(海皇粥店), we decided to stop for supper. I know it was food again, but Hong Kong was food and shopping paradise, wasn't it? ;)

With more than 20 branches in Hong Kong and 1 branch in Macau, Ocean Empire group was one of the biggest and most successful chain restaurant in Hong Kong. Another similar group would be Seaview Congee Shop(海景粥店) selling almost the same food. I just visited Ocean Empire website and out of their few core products, I had missed their congee. :(

The bi-language menu was rather extensive but I did not forget to order the Twisted Doughnut Rice Sheet Roll. I saw the it few times from blogs and forums and it looked delicious. The crispy twisted doughnut was wrapped with smooth rice sheet roll and served with salty soy sauce.

I did not know what to order next. Then, I saw this Mini Size Deep Fry Chinese Crisp set. The set came in 3 crisps in bite size, Sesame Ball, Ox Tongue Crisp and Spicy Doughnut. One could try all the different chinese crisps without being stuffed. Definitely a good choice. ;) They were very crunchy and were best accompanied with hot soya milk.

closer look to the crisps

I did not keep the individual price for each items. But the Twisted Doughnut Rice Sheet Roll(炸腸), Mini Size Deep Fry Chinese Crisp set(Q版油器) and Hot Soya Milk(热豆奶) were sold at HK$26.50. I will update the individual price if I manage to find them.

On the same block of our hostel, there was this stall selling some roadside food. This stall sold hong kong stinky taufu too, it had a disgusting smell, or was it pleasant smell? ;) I did not dare to order the stinky taufu as I had bad experience with it. But I ordered some other stuffs.

closer look to the food

I paid HK$28 for 3 sticks, Ham rolled sausage, chicken soft bone and Squid. Honestly, it was quite oily and I didn't buy it again throughout my stay in Hong Kong. But in Malaysia, the chicken soft bone was only served at high end restaurant and not at any roadside stall. I was surprised that they had it at Hong Kong roadside.

Ocean Empire Congee Shop 海皇粥店
P/S: There were too many branches and each of them had different business hours. Check out their website for more info.

文记小食 Mun Kei Snack
G/F 83 Argyle St Mong Kok 旺角亞皆老街83號地下

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