HK: Mango Temptation @ Hui Lau Shan

Hui Lau Shan was not in my must-eat list. I know Hui Lau Shan was much raved about among tourists, but it actually didn't get very good respond from the locals. However when I passed by their n-th branch, I couldn't resist, but went in to give it a try.

Mango platter for those who like to sample a little bit of everything. :)

Check out for today promotion as they have different promotion everyday.

Mango sorbet topped with sweet and juicy fruits, sold at HK$40.

3 pieces of mango mochi was HK$15

Mango flesh inside the mango flavoured glutinous rice ball.

The dessert was tasty. Who could resist sweet dessert made from fresh fruits? The only complain would be the portion was too small.

P/S: There are many Hui Lau Shan branches in Hong Kong. It is almost impossible not running into one of it.



Yeah, I ate in one too when I'm in HK.... nice...

soo sean

I think it is a must try when you are in HK, else ppl will laugh at you. :p