HK: Lok Yuen Beef Ball

Coming back from Lantau Island, I spotted this Lok Yuen after the exit from Mong Kok MTR station. Lazy to walk further, we decided to have our dinner here.

Did you watch Hong Kong movie, God of Cookery by Stephan Chow? If yes, then you would remember the "pissing beef ball" which can be used as ping pong ball. In reality, the beef balls from this shop would be the closest one to the "pissing beef ball". :p

the exterior

the making of beef balls

the interior

the kitchen


By default, I ordered their signature fish maw beef ball at HK$32(花胶牛肉丸). I also paid extra HK$12 for fish noodles(鱼面底). As the name implies, the fish noodles was noodles added with fish paste. I knew that it was going to be good as I had tried it before.

I also ordered an extra bowl of fish maw pork ball(花胶猪肉丸) at the same price. The beef balls and meat balls had fish maw cubes and flavourful juices. So, make sure that it only burst in your mouth. Dont' say I didn't warn you, ok? ;)

can you see?

perhaps this one can see clearer

Lok Yuen Beef Ball King 乐园牛丸王
G/F 150 Sai Yang Choi Street Mong Kok 旺角西洋菜南街150號地下
Tel: 23840496
P/S: Mong Kok MRT Station D2 exit

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Eric S.

Cool post. I've been looking for a recipe for these from Stephen Chao's movie. I'm kind of surprised they are a real thing!

soo sean

yes, Eric. It is real thing. Normally they wrap the frozen soup cubes in the meat ball and when they cook it, the frozen soup will melt.

allan bill garrido

I found the recipe of legendary pissing beef balls I will try this to incorporate with our native dish