Vietnam: Dong Xuan market and Che

I forgot to mention that we had returned the motorbike last night. So today we would only focus on old quarter, on foot.

Mid-autumn festival was at the corner, there were shops selling colorful lanterns.

We went to a place, called Cho Dong Xuan. It was the oldest and biggest wholesale market in Hanoi. It was a good place to look for cheap souvenirs and fabric, but not garments. The souvenirs sold were cheaper than other shops in old quarter if you bargain. But the clothes here was out of fashion.

In Hanoi, it was very common to see mobile sellers walking on the street, balancing two baskets on a bamboo pole with their shoulders, selling all possible things. We found one selling cooked crabs outside Cho Dong Xuan. There were already customers occupying the seats. If not, it must be a fun experience squatting down for the crabs.

Outside Dong Xuan market, there was this small lane, Pho Cau Dong selling food. I did not see any tourists in this lane, all the customers were local Vietnamese. So I presumed it was not a common place that tourists will come.

I spotted this signboard, Che and we decided to stop for a cooling drink.

The owner did not speak English at all. So I pointed at her two customers and signaled one each. She smiled and prepared the desserts for us. I was so excited when first che came with a cream caramel in it.

The second dessert was sua chua(yogurt dessert) and was served in a glass. I liked it. If you liked yogurt, then you would like it too. Both desserts were very nice, and what's more, it was only 20kVND for two desserts. For this price, I bet you could not even get one che in Quan An Ngon. Look out for this place when you visit Dong Xuan market!

Ong Duong
51 Pho Cau Dong
Cho Dong Xuan