Vietnam: French lunch with Pho Ga as starter

A Hanoi food blog, Stickyrice led us to Tiem Pho Ga 172. It was very near to Temple of Literature(less than 5 minutes on motorbikes), so it was planned right after the visit to the temple.

The patrons were all locals. No one spoke English. Luckily the shop was selling one and only dish, Pho Ga(Vietnamese Chicken Noodles Soup). The noodle soup was topped with generous portion of chicken shreds. I was pretty sure that they were using free-range chicken as the chicken meat was firm and chewy. It was definitely the best Pho Ga that I had in Hanoi. Stickyrice ranked it as best Pho Ga in Hanoi. What do you think?

After that, we headed to Green Tangerine for lunch. Pho Ga was just starter. :) We wanted to dine in French restaurant, just like we wanted to dine in Portuguese restaurant when we were in Macau. But dining in any of these fine French restaurants in Hanoi would easily burn a hole in our pocket. After browsing the internet, we decided to go for the Green Tangerine set lunch which was comparatively cheaper.

The old French colonial's ambience was excellent with a choice of alfresco or indoor dining. We chose to sit in the courtyard for casual dining, so there was not much photos taken for the indoor.

Green Tangerine offered one main dish and one dessert at 163kVND(usd9.50) for lunch.

Left: Fish in Saffron served with rice noodles:"Cha Ca" style, Green Tangerine way
Right: Sliced duck filet in red wine, great and thyme served with asparagus and potatoes country-side style

The Cha Ca dish came first. We mixed all the fish and sauce to the noodles. It was great! The second dish was duck. The duck filet was tender and went so well with the sweet red wine sauce. The potato gratin was perfectly baked and I just wished that the portion could be bigger. All the dishes were decorated perfectly and the food was delectable.

Biscuit stuffed with fresh fruits in red berry fruit sauce, coconut cream.

It was finest quality of homemade ice-cream on a basket of tropical fruit cubes. The fruit sauce was not too sweet, just nice.

Frozen Green Tangerine in yogurt and Cointreau

This was best! A very refreshing dessert with yogurt and cointreau sorbet. We were glad that we visited Green Tangerine.

Tiem Pho Ga
172 Ton Duc Thang St
Opens from morning to night

Green Tangerine
48 Hang Be