Vietnam: Two Hanoi cafes in a day

When I looked at my Vietnam photo directory again, I noticed that we had actually visited two cafes in one afternoon. :)

The first one was Cafe 252.

There was a big menu outside to attract customers.

tempting pastry in display

There was not many customers at my time of visit. So we had a very quiet tea break. It was a good escape from the bustling Hanoi. ;)

I did not know that it was Lonely Planet's recommendation. Anyway, all information was well captured on the menu's cover. Good job!

We ordered a mini pizza at 25kVND. It was a very nice homemade pizza with thick cheese topping.

We also ordered a caramel cream at 6kVND and a glass of lemon juice with soda at 20kVND.

Cafe 252 had extensive menu and the food was not bad. However, the only Vietnam cafe that we could compare at that time was Banguette and Chocolat Sapa. Banguette and Chocolat Sapa definitely had better environment and food. But the price was higher too. If you were looking for some nice French pastry with reasonable price, then Cafe 252 would be a great choice.

Some of the menu that I had captured in Cafe 252.

The second break we took was at Cafe Mai. Cafe Mai had two shops facing each others at Le Van Huu. There was also another shop at Nguyen Du. Anyway, we went to Le Van Huu.

Cafe Mai

Vietnamese coffee bean for sale

This round, we ordered Mon Dac biet(iced fruit tea) at 30kVND and Moca Hao Hang(iced mocha) at 28kVND. The fruit tea was very fragrant and refreshing while the iced mocha was very strong and chocolaty.

Again, I had captured some pages of the menu for your reference.

Cafe 252
252 Hang Bong
Open daily from 7am to 8pm

Cafe Mai
1) 96 Le Van Huu

2) 79 Le Van Huu

3) 52 Nguyen Du