Vietnam: Local breakfast

After so many days of hotel breakfast, we wanted to have something different. So, we walked to a very famous shop, Banh Cuon Gia Truyen which was very near to our hotel.

The restaurant signboard had English wordings. "Roll Over". That was the description for the food, banh cuon(rolled rice sheet). Banh cuon was a very common Vietnamese breakfast.

In the shop, banh cuon was freshly prepared. It was steamed on the spot.

There were also some side dishes, in case you want a heavier breakfast.

I noticed in Hanoi restaurant, even the owner provided dedicated rubbish bin for each table, there would still be rubbish scattered on the floor. Once, I saw the worker cleaned the floor, but the floor was dirty again before I could finish my meal.

It was weird that they had English signboard but not English menu. I did not understand the menu at that time, but here is the my best guess after searching the net now.
Banh Cuon Nong - rolled rice sheet with minced meat and mushroom
Banh Cuon Thit Ga - rolled rice sheet with chicken meat
Gio Lua - Vietnamese ham
Cha Que - Cinnamon Pate
Lap Xuong - Vietnamese Sausage
Trung Ga - Egg
Thin Dau Ca Cuong - Water Bug(Luckily we did not order this.)

Of course, we ordered Banh Cuon Nong. It came with a bowl of dipping sauce. The rolled rice sheet was very thin and smooth, and it tasted very good with the fish sauce. Perhaps, I should try adding fish sauce to Malaysia chee cheong fun. It should be good. ;)

We also tried out their Cha Que and Gio Luo(?). The square one was Cha Que, but I am not sure if the round one was Gio Luo. But I think it should, because it could not match to any other in the menu. :p

In total, we only spent 26kVND for breakfast.

Banh Cuon Gia Truyen
14 Pho Hang Ga
Old Quarter