China: ShenZhen Theme Park Tour Part II

On the second day in ShenZhen, we visited the seafood street, LeYuan Rd(乐园路) for breakfast.

We found many seafood restaurants along the street.

Since it was for breakfast, we opted for the comparatively-less-heavy seafood porridge. But mind you it was not the ordinary porridge shop, it was the lengendary porridge shop in ShenZhen, JinDaoYuan(金稻园砂锅粥).

We were definitely too early because the restaurant was very empty. If not because of the good reviews in ShenZhen forum, I would not have entered an empty restaurant like this.

I followed the recommendation from the web and ordered porridge with prawn and crab. JinDaoYuan served living seafood.

selected prawn

selected crab

While waiting for our seafood porridge to be cooked, the restaurant served Kungfu tea(功夫茶).

tea art

After half an hour of waiting, our claypot porridge arrived.

I was speechless when I tried the first spoon! It was just awesome! This bowl of porridge had beaten Macau crab porridge hands down and become the new No.1 porridge in my rating. Don't forget to try it when you are in ShenZhen.

From Jin Dao Yuan, we walked to Dongmen old street(东门老街), another pedestrian street in China. I wonder if every city in China has a pedestrian street for shopping.

We was attracted by the crowd.

And we got ourselves a bowl of Zhongqin sour and spicy noodle(重庆酸辣粉).

the landmark in Dongmen

ShenZhen was a newly developed(compare with other cities in China) but rapidly grown city. A big part of its population was from other cities in China. Therefore, ShenZhen had developed many different but authentic cuisine restaurants. For this GuangDong trip(GuangZhou, ShenZhen and Zhuhai are all in Guang Dong region), I have tried to arrange as many cuisines as possible. LaoBeiFang Dumpling King(老北方饺子王) was picked for lunch. LaoBeiFang was famous for Northeastern Chinese cuisine.


MaHua(麻花) aka fried dough twist

Liang Pi(凉皮) aka Chinese cold noodle

JiangJiaGu(酱骨架) aka ribs in spices

rib in hand, then in mouth :p

Vegetable in Soup(上汤娃娃菜)
It was said that all their vegetables was flown directly from Haerbin(哈尔滨). We did notice the different, the vegetable was fresh, crunchy and sweet.

The waitress told me that Hong Kong people like to order this sizzling fish. She thought that I was from Hong Kong. :)

We had to order dumplings since we were in a dumpling(水饺) restaurant. Lamb and beef dumpling were recommended.

complimentary watermelon

After lunch, we visited the second theme park in ShenZhen, Splendid China Miniature Scenic Spot(锦绣中华) and China Folk Culture Villages(中华民俗文化村).
It was a 2-in-1 theme park and the entrance ticket(RMB120) would allow you to enter both Splendid China and Culture Villages. Read more about my discounted voucher.

This theme park was built after Window of World with the similar concepts.
Spendid China reproduced famous China sceneries to miniature scenic spots while the the Culture Villages presented Chinese folk arts, customs and architectures to the tourists.

There was 3 great shows not to missed in this theme park, unparelleled hero(14:00 or 16:10), oriental dress(17:00) and Dancing with the Dragon and the Phoenix(19:30).

On the way to the theme park, we brought raisin toast and pipeapple toast at the MTR station. It was from Tian Mu Blue Bird Bakery, nice breads.

By the time we finished the last show, it was already 9pm. We were going to have late dinner again. Therefore, we have made sure we had good lunch and brought some light snakcs with us. So plan your meal accordingly.

This restaurant was only few doors away from our hotel. It was the nearest restaurant compare to the Hakka lunch and the barbecued meal. Lao Jia Xiang(老家乡) was serving Hun Nan cuisine(湖南菜).

We only ordered 3 dishes because we wanted to sleep early tonight after two busy days in ShenZhen.

The restaurant outsourced their dish cleaning job.

Hand-tear Cabbage (手撕包菜) RMB15, stir fried cabbage with lots of dried chillies

Farm House Stir Fried Pork(农家小炒肉) RMB15, stir fried pork stripes with lots of green chillies, spring onions and garlic

Minced Chilies Steamed Fish Head (剁椒蒸鱼头) RMB18, steamed fish with minced chillies and soy sauce.

All the 3 dishes had great chili aroma but not very spicy. We could not eat the dishes on its own as we found Hu Nan dishes a tad salty. But it was okay to eat with rice. Luckily we only ordered 3 dishes, else we would not to able to finish it.

JinDaoYuan Claypot Porridge 金稻园砂锅粥
99 LeYuan Road, ShenZhen

LaoBeiFang Dumpling King 老北方饺子王
3034-2 JiaFang Road, ShenZhen

Splendid China and Culture Villages 锦绣中华民俗村
Visit Website

LaoJiaXiang Hu Nan Dish 老家乡湖南大碗菜(竹子林店)
ZhuZiLin San Xiang Home