Macau: The real crab porridge

I am supposed to blog on my one day heritage walk, but I would like to fast forward to the 2nd night dinner after the heritage walk. The heritage walk post is still in edit.


A visit to Macau would not be complete without tasting Macau famous crab porridge. Furthermore, it was crab seoson during my visit. :) I did some homework before hand and found that Bee Vee(峰景) serves the best crab porridge in Macau. The most popular restaurant among tourists is Seng Cheong(诚昌), however the locals prefer Bee Vee.

Bee Vee was comfortably situated at Taipa, overlooking the Macau-Taipa bridge(澳氹大橋). It was not at the common tourism spot, therefore it was not a popular restaurant among tourists. But good food will never be missed. ;)

Bee Vee menu

Bee Vee crab porridge (峰景蟹粥)

The crab porridge was heavenly good. The porridge was slow-cooked for 4-5 hours until it was silky smooth and fragrant, then it was thickened with the crab meat and crab roe. The yellowish dots in the porridge was the crab roe. I read that 3 different type of crabs were used in this porridge. Needless to say, the crab was fresh and meaty. I would believe that it was the best for every spoon of porridge was bringing me close to the heaven. I tried crab porridge at another restaurant the next day and it was not as good. A small pot of crab porridge, good enough for 2-3 person was selling at MOP$89 while a big pot was at MOP$148.

Another signature dish was the fried fish ball with rice cracker(米通鱼球) at MOP$48. I tried one, it was excellent. The fish ball coated with rice cracker was not oily at all. One fish ball was definitely not enough, I think I finished 5-6 fish balls without realising it. :p


Bee Vee did not charge for tea and 10% service charge. So, you only pay the exact price in the menu. If you enlarge the menu, you will read the good news on the left - 免收茶水及一成服务费. Sitting close to the window at first floor, the bridge view outside was splendid. I decided to sip another cup of tea....

Restaurante Bee Vee 峰景餐厅
Taipa Rot Leonel Sousa Macau
Tel: (853) 2881 1845 / (853) 2881 2398

P/S: Take Bus No 25, 22, 21A, 11, 26A, 28A, 35 or 33 and get down at the bus stop right in front of the restaurant. If not, the nearest land mark is New Century Hotel, Taipa, which is at about 10 minutes walking distance away.



If can have heavenly food on earth, then it is worth any price to pay =) Not sure if they are using "holy crab" for this dish..hehe..

soo sean

One man's meat is another man's poison. It could be heavenly food to me only. ;)